January 1st, 2018: a new year dawns. Exactly seven months ago, our first article in Italian saw the light of day. It would take Elisa and I an additional week to set up the English segment of this website. By that point, we had already invested countless nights into what was only the game of a young couple willing to build something together.

This unexpected post wants to be a bit weird. We spend our days telling other people’s story; it is time we share our own. When those two pieces came out, we suddenly realized just how hard making a difference would be. We decided to see it as a challenge; something that could have made us better at what we do!

And The Cogs Began To Spin

Although The Indie Toaster can now count on the support of a small but affectionate following, we obviously had no idea of what lied ahead back then. Still, as much wiser people once said, your ideas are only as good as your willingness to see them through. We sat on that pit for a few seconds and then dove straight into it. Our hope? That we could learn to fly before we hit the ground!

Both from a personal and a professional standpoint, the next few months would be the most exciting we ever lived. We gathered an amazing team and met some great independent creatives. We attended conventions, experienced games, read unique comics, and discussed opinions. More importantly, we managed to get our voice heard!

Torino Comics Winter2017 Indie Toaster

Just Professionals Being Professional.. Nothing To See Here!

Undoubtedly, this hasn’t all been a walk in the park. In all fairness, I’m sure we couldn’t have come this far by ourselves. Just as in any other creative endeavor, insurmountable obstacles litter every inch of the path. Being the holiday season all about giving, there is something that we want you to have for a change.

To all of those who made this possible go our most sincere thanks. We thank the people that follow us and those who don’t anymore. We thank the creatives who send us their projects and the events that allow us to discover them. Obviously, we thank Amanda, Jodie, Ron, Kory, Jacob, and Tom; without whom we simply couldn’t keep up. Finally, we thank you for taking the time to read this end-of-the-year recap!

So… About Those Plans?

For many, a new year is the excuse to wipe the slate clean. For us, it is the chance to improve upon what we already built. The Indie Toaster still has a lot of ground to cover before we can cross our arms and rest!

We really can’t tell you much about it, but there is something big in the pipeline. What we can tell you is that our goal remains the same: giving indie creatives a safe space where to showcase their projects and receive constructive criticism. We also aim to provide our readers with a larger selection of articles, so that everyone can find what they’re looking for.

The big news is that you’ll soon be able to lend a hand. If you follow us on Twitter, you might have already heard of our upcoming Patreon campaign. We’ll officially announce it in a couple of days, once the last kinks are ironed out.

Don’t worry, though! money allows us to survive, but you’ll never need it to access our site. If you can’t financially support us but still want to do something, there will be other ways to help!  A re-tweet or a share, for instance, go a long way!

That’s it for now! If you want to know more about The Indie Toaster, follow us on social media or simply send us a message! We’re eager to have a chat!