With Extinction still fresh from the oven and our review drawing some attention, we here at the Indie Toaster wanted to find out what makes the game tick. We had questions that needed answers and doubts to clarify.

Between a campaign mission and a daily quest, we opted to revive an old series of ours. Beyond The Game always existed to give readers a look into what brought their favorite indie titles to life. What better way to get the info we craved so much?

Let The Interviewing Begin!

So our team decided we would get in contact with the people over at Modus Games.  We broke out the crystals and teleported in some responses from Extinction’s very own Executive Producer, Mr. Derek Neal!

Let’s start with something personal. What were your inspirations for Extinction?

Derek:  One of my favorite games of all time was the original Shadow of the Colossus. But as much as I loved that game, there was always a little part of me that was aware you weren’t really “fighting” the monsters.

In so many games you don’t actually get to fight the monsters, at least not in any sort of meaningful way. They either have an HP bar – and you just hack at their toes until it eventually reaches 0 and then they die –  or it’s really a platforming puzzle, or a quick time event, etc.

We wanted to prove that you can really do real-time, skill-based combat against enormous monsters.

What elements do you think make Extinction stand out?

Derek:  The sense of heroism.  In so many games you’re told “doom is imminent!  The city will be destroyed!,” but if you leave, go do some side quests, etc., and then come back, nothing has really changed.

In Extinction, the cities really will be destroyed and people will die  if you abandon your post. This creates a great sense of urgency, and a feeling of your actions and your decisions really mattering throughout the entire encounter.

What are your favorite mechanics within the game?

Derek:  Probably the way time dynamically slows down when you’re using your whip or aiming a rune strike.  This went through a lot of iteration, but I think the final result is very natural feeling and makes the combat much easier to manage.

It’s hard to compete against things 30 times your size without some sort of advantage!

What was the most memorable moment during the development of Extinction?

Derek: My personal favorite? For a period of time, the ogre limbs actually remained in the world after you chopped them off.

You could fill up the world with an endless number of ogre parts, and then push them around, stand on them, etc.  This was obviously ridiculous, but it was a lot of fun.

At one point I cut off an ogre’s arm and then made him punch himself with it!

Let’s move to the plot… The ending left us with somewhat of a cliff-hanger, do you see Extinction getting a sequel?

Derek:  We certainly hope so, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time. 



Okay then! Are there any teasers for any future DLC or releases you would like to share?

Derek: Yes! The first DLC  – “Jackal Invasion” drops in May!
We’ll have more info about that in the weeks to come!

One last thing: will you be competing in the Daily Challenges yourself?

Derek:  Of course!  And so will other members of the dev team!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

So that’s all folks! A behind the scenes look from one of the people who made Extinction what it is. Sincerely, endless limbs seems like it would have been amazing to see and I for one would love to get my hands on some footage!

Also, keep your eyes peeled! A DLC will be on the way in May!I got to speculate on this one.. More variants of jackal’s perhaps? Or an additional fragment of the plot?

Finally, be sure to watch out for the devs in the leader-boards too! You never know when they’ll try to crush your high-scores!

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