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The independent part of the gaming industry is one of the most intricate jungles mankind can imagine. Every day, hundreds if not thousands of new projects are laid down and reshaped. Each of these carries a unique objective, a message, and a preferred way to deliver it.

Whether the final goal is wealth or the project stands on deeper foundations, developers approach and solve problems in a variety of different ways. The path from idea to finished product can be as treacherous as it is unknown.  Its whole existence is often no more than a mist in the mind of the final consumer.

Floating around in the ocean of new games that floods Steam on a daily basis, the only chance for younger creatives is to attract attention through their peculiar choices. Graphics, narration, mechanics, and the overall feeling of a game often reflect the community or part of the world an independent studio belongs to.

A First Person View

A video-game can be more than mere entertainment, too! The message or issue placed at the center of any visual adventure is easily as influential as any external stimulus. Undertale – back in 2015 – certainly shocked the internet for its grim yet adorable aesthetics and story. What really stuck with players, though, was the chance for a pacifist approach to a complex interracial conflict spanning millennia. All they had to do was actively try to avoid violence.

undertale beyond the game

Someone Has Been a Bad Person!

With so many collectives, schools, and philosophies surrounding the world of interactive entertainment and videogames as a media,  understanding the true meaning of any independent title becomes a daunting task. A clear picture of the processes leading to the game can render things easier.

Painting that picture is what Beyond The Game aims to do. Whenever a promising title catches our eye, we prepare a few questions and fire them at the team behind it. Their ideas, beliefs, and the current state of the industry are all put under scrutiny.

Cool Story But… Dev-Logs Have Long Been a Thing!

Development Blogs are a much more complex promotional tool. Studios can use posts to keep in contact  with their fans and tease the market. These often focus solely on the game, detailing its present status and displaying any enticing feature that the title may sport.

Conversely, this series moves from the final game to the often unknown teams behind it. As the veil is pulled, more and more details regarding the forces that govern the most promising independent studios out there are revealed!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned!

Featured Image: Global Game Jam 2017

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