Social media is our new religion, and that may not be a good thing in The Following Casework‘s.

The Following Casework is about a man called Titus and his female elf partner, Bev. Starting out on a comedic note, Titus comments on how he isn’t trending on Twitter yet. The first page established what his character was like. Along with his mannerisms, which were formal and reminded me a bit of Marvel’s Thor. Bev is unimpressed with practically everything and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She seems tuff and very capable.

What’s The Following Casework About?

When Titus is on Twitter he notices a hashtag, #needamiracle. Somehow, he concludes that the hashtag is something he needs to investigate and swiftly wakes up Beverly. After a small amount of banter, they take to the streets in their new case. This is when you start to learn more about Titus. He is very fixed on technology, especially social media. Titus makes many remarks to Bev about the use of social media in everyday life and how it influences its users. They end up going to a coffee shop, which he calls a church. The comic starts to ramp up and we find out Titus is more than what he seems.

The Following Casework

Upon seeing everyone is tweeting to the hashtag #needamiracle, he announces himself to the coffee shop that he’s a theological investigator and a detective of religion, amongst other grand titles. We also find out that everyone that uses that hashtag has their wish come true. This was a welcomed piece of information because I was somewhat confused as to why Titus would be so bothered by a hashtag. Titus thinks out loud and I’m glad he does. He informs us the hashtags are bad and a new dark god is trying to take over, using Twitter as its conduit.

Titus wants to meet the deity in the hopes to find out what its plans are. He tries using slander via a Tweet to entice the god to come out, though this doesn’t work. The people in the café changed forms without notice into different species and rush head first at Titus. We find out that they’re followers of the new god. Bev steps in and proceeds to beat up nearly everyone in the café, though Titus does get a few hits in. Interestingly the speech of the characters change. Specific characters begin being called by their Twitter handle. I loved how they changed the speech, it felt like the comic was evolving as I was reading it. Eventually, Titus gets what he wants and meets the deity. Their conversation is brief; however, it greatly peaked my interest in the comic book series. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it.

A Great Start

I enjoyed the plot of the first issue of The Following Casework. It mixed comedy and seriousness very well. I found it to be a relatively accurate representation of how social media and social utilities are impacting the world. Majority of the panels showed people on their mobile devices. Everyone in the coffee shop was sitting alone and, on their devices, likely to show how disconnected people are becoming in a world where more and more individuals are relying on the internet to connect.

The Following Casework

The Following Casework’s art style was extremely well done. When you weren’t close to a character’s face you could still clearly see their reactions. Without the characters saying much, you could guess what they were thinking. Darker colours were used and as such enhanced the story for me in the sense of the world becoming dimmer in an internet heavy world.

Final Thoughts

Before I read the coffee shop part, I was confused as to what Titus was. I found myself questioning everything in the world, simply because of the little clarity. I do really like the characters Holder, Santos, Zhao and Myers have created. They seem very thought out. Titus is a vain being that holds unbeknownst powers and Bev is a tuff elf that shows little interest in the world around her. I found their relationship to be humorous with his jump without looking attitude and her at least wanting some prewarning before he does something dangerous.

I read the first issue a couple of times and each time I enjoyed it as much as the first. The writing formula combined with the art style they’ve created works great.

The Following Casework is a one-shot comic not currently available for purchase. If you’re interested in finding out more information, click here to view their Kickstarter post.