Ever wanted revenge? Or had the craving to show some no-gooders what for? Well, Ruthless is shaping up to be a vengeful spirits dream. If you’ve ever dealt with bullies or other forms of harassment, then I’m sure you’ve had a moment where you suddenly wished you could turn it all back on them and give them a taste of their own medicine.

If that’s the case, you might find yourself having a bit of guilty pleasure as we delve into the tormented life and mind of certain girl named Ruth.

From Mundane To Insane!

Written by Chris Hoffman and Andrew Malin, Ruthless stars the young stepdaughter of the neglectful Linda; who was forced to take care of Ruth and her little sister after the leaving of their father. Ruth’s life is full of questionable parenting by night and, unstoppable bullying by day. Through all that, she still has her little sister Cindy whom she cares for dearly.

Ruthless, review, the indie toaster

As Cindy’s birthday fast approaches, the only thing Ruth has to cling to is the joy of getting her little sister the pony she always wanted. The day of the party Ruth asks Linda to buy the pony for her and bring it to the party, something she quickly regrets as she simply buys a random horse and calls it a day. Cindy, being heartbroken on the day of her party runs away, only to be struck by a car.

Each and every day Ruth and Cindy had seen the great “Grey Phantom” flying over the city streets and saving civilians. When the time came that Ruth needed him, he was nowhere to be found. This is where Ruth changes, as she realizes you can’t depend on heroes in life… and decides to take matters into her own hands.

After some thought, she decides to join up with the dubious supervillain Bubak… and the rest is history.

Thoughts And Chapter Two Preview…

That’s essentially the story of volume one and is (assumedly) the basis for the entire comic. There’s only one chapter out as of the moment but there’s a nice outline of chapter two, in the form of a mostly finished page art of what looks to be the entire chapter.

Skimming through these drafts, you really start to get a sense of what Ruth’s willing to do to do to get even. Joining up with a known supervillain and committing a murder of her fellow schoolmate and bully are – I’m sure – only the tip of the iceberg for this little girl.

Ruthless, review, the indie toaster

She may be in high school, implying she’s in her teens, but something about the artstyle really makes her look as if she no more than ten at times; which means the image of her soaked in blood is all the more harrowing.

Ruthless is not particularly gory from what I’ve seen so far but something about the crazed expression and violent tendencies of Ruth as a character lends the idea that she could get up to all manner of thing in the night. Which, if you ask me, is fantastic!

I love anti-heroes, and the ability to sympathize with someone whose actions you don’t totally agree with is something I really enjoy in stories; so I’m especially excited to see where Ruthless goes with the character.

Read For Whatever Comes Next!

There’s only one chapter so far, so gauging the comics quality at the moment would be a drastic overanalysis I feel. Instead, I’ll just say that I personally thoroughly enjoyed Ruthless.

Whilst not all of the panels in chapter one oozed detail, chapter two had some really nice artwork. It gave the comic more of that bold black and white that was sort of there in the original but not fully utilized. The art and premise of Ruthless made it a fine read for the most part.

For now, Ruthless looks to be an interesting comic with a premise fit for a vengeful spirit. While Ruth may take it a bit too far, I’m sure we’ve all wanted revenge every now and then, so can we really blame her?

I guess we’ll see in the next few chapters! In the meantime, If Ruthless convinced you as much as it did me, why not jump to the project’s Kickstarter page and help the author bring more of it to life?