While humanity is able to control their primal instincts, they cannot seem to stop their overwhelming greed. Sometimes, our greed overwhelms us to the point we become drowned in selfishness.  Usually, we can be stopped with enough force around us. But sometimes, we end up dying in our greed.  Righteous, written by Xane Daniel, illustrated by Joseba Morales, and colored by Gab Contreras gives a preview on how kindness overwhelms humanity.

Kindness Is The Destruction of Humanity?

The story is about a man named Daniel. He works in risk management and is primarily focused on his career and making it big alongside his wife. Due to his straight-lined focus on his career, he tends to forget the world around him and comes off as someone slightly shallow. After an incident with an old man, a glowing person comes to his bedroom and touches his forehead.

The next morning, he wakes up with the irresistible urge to help people out. He initially tries to stop, but the urge is so strong that it takes over his personality. He is forced to make personal changes in his life. As he helps people out, he slowly spreads this irresistible urge to other people he meets. The question remains, has he started a revolution or caused the destruction of humanity?

Stark Contrast of Good and Bad

I find myself really intrigued with the plot as kindness is forced via a magical/external force. It’s nice to see how a magical force makes Daniel change his ways.  At the same token, I love how this force inexplicably makes Daniel lose his own needs. The amount of control Daniel and others try to put on themselves to act selfishly is almost funny yet quite scary.  That is not to say the characters are mindless zombies, but a person’s innate selfishness is weeded out. I really love the plot so far and cannot way to see how this force goes up against “evildoers”.

There is an emphasis on the selfishness of corporations. In fact, there is a stark line between the “good” and “bad” sides in this story. I dislike how Xane set up the story because of the lack of presentation for other moral habits such as self-preservation, self-care, and a lack of personal ambition.

As for the characters, they are perfect for this story. Besides career-focused Daniel, we have his career-focused wife Diane who is his literal soul-mate in terms of morals. She is a focused woman who knows how to focus on her goals yet not realize how much of a jack-ass she is.

My favorite character so far is Greg. He is a far-out homeless man Daniel meets on several occasions.  He seems to know a lot more than Daniel realizes about the glowing man. However, his ambiguous comments make me second guess myself.  Due to his confusing nature, he has become one of the biggest reasons I want to read the next issue.

So-So Art Style

The art style could have definitely been better.  Since Joseba Morales decided to take on a classic comic style, he should have lived up to the expectations set by other comics.  His characters’ expressions aren’t bad, but the characters themselves looked stilted in different panels. I was hoping to see more details; instead, the backgrounds were really plain and there was barely enough attention to them.  Two thumbs down on the art style.

Not a Dry Path

I think the plot is really great and I can get into the characters and understand their personalities. I hope that the next issue tackles some of the themes I mentioned earlier. Although this is just a story, I think adding the extra themes would be a nice touch.

The art style may need a bit of tweaking; had it been a more simplistic one, I would have given leeway. To find out more about this comic, click here for more information.