We first discovered Radio Silence while searching all over Twitter for new  comics to review.

Needless to say, I liked it so much I thought it deserved a mention in our website! Its intriguing story and relatable characters have really been able to catch my attention and kept me tied to my chair for quite a while. Also, as a huge rock music fan, I really appreciated the playlists that came with the whole webcomic!

…Web What?

When talking about comics, web ones are usually underestimated. I am not sure where does all the hate comes from, but- at least here in Italy- there’s a pretty conservative approach to the 4th art. Therefore, everything that’s different from Marvel, Dc or the classics usually needs to fight to emerge.

Radio Silence Review

People looking for innovation and originality might need to abandon the best known titles and go indie, in order to discover some underground pearls! A webcomic may just be the perfect option to start exploring a more personal approach to the genre.

As most of its kind, Radio Silence offers the readers the chance to interact with the author, to discover behind-the-scenes facts and submit fan arts. You can feel this intimate environment by flicking pages. I surely appreciated Vanessa Stefaniuk‘s dedication to her audience and will to answer each and every comment she receives!

Meet Radio Silence!

Radio Silence Review

When Vanessa started drawing Radio Silence…

The comic narrates about a British rock band named Radio Silence. Throughout the development of the story, we get to know each one of the members, while personal dramas and pasts unveil; some of them are still shady, some seem to have a pretty clear path chosen by their author.

This kind of narrative choice can- and too many times does- result in pointless flashbacks; or in long conversation that we hardly can fit in the flow of the story. I was really surprised to see how the author did not leave any space to superfluous conversations, building a captivating and deep story. I really want to get to know more about each one of the characters, and see what future holds!

Radio Silence Webcomic

… and how her drawings improved consistently!

Since July 2015, when the first panel was published, we also assisted to many improvements in Vanessa Stefaniuk’s art style. Traits became softer, details added to the scenes, and shading improved; all of this without standing out as completely different. Also, I really enjoyed the cartoon-ish mood and bright colors of each drawing… Because not every comic has to be serious, right?

So, should you read Radio Silence?

I can mention at least two reasons why you should give this comic a try: first, it is free; second, it is pretty awesome! Also, this way you can support an indie artist,  point we always put a lot on focus on. We all should be more conscious about helping good projects grow!

The web comic comes with a lot of free rock songs quotes and some exclusive scores, that I guess have been written by a relative of Vanessa’s, since they share the same surname. Every character is built brilliantly, and gives the occasion to face themes such as inclusion, homosexuality, love, sadness. Through the eyes of a well balanced group of friends, we get to connect with each character, accepting them for who they are.