The comic known as Novae brings a spiraling mix of nice constellations and quirky characters. Novae is around 4 chapters at the time of this writing, spanning 133 panels.  It took me about an hour or so to go through it all. The authors are known as KaiJu with many works already under their belt. Their work on this comic surely shows their experience!

I like the air that Novae has going for it. It has a cool air about it and even cooler art to show for it! Everything presents itself as neat, though it does have those panels that spice things up once and a while.

This is a feel-good story with little to no conflict from where it sits at the time of this writing. You won’t find life or death battles or characters making costly decisions that will haunt them in the future.

Novae, A Skeletal Story

The setting is interestingly enough in Paris 1672, more specifically in the Latin corner of the city. The story follows two characters who couldn’t be more different. They are Rasim, the Aspiring Astronomer hailing from Hindustan and Sulvain the wandering necromancer literally shrouded in mystery.

The Indie Toaster, Review, Novae

Sulvain meets with another intellectual, a Christian Huygens, (This man is real by the way). Christian is an astronomer amongst other things and he has an apprentice which is Rasim. They attend a gathering of minds where Rasim describes his findings of a theory and after that… well… they basically live their lives, like you and me.

A bit uninteresting written down, but the desire to know more, to uncover more presents itself over and over again. It really makes you feel like a scientist as you piece it all together!

Tease, Tease, Tease

When I first started I was met with this image.

The Indie Toaster, Review, Novae

A little bit confusing since it took me to the last panel. After reading a bit I saw that these guys, one being a peculiar chatter box and the other being a lonesome mute got along pretty well, really well if you ask me!

It wasn’t until about the middle of the second chapter when I noticed a romance forming, (I’m clueless, I know!). Though Love wouldn’t be the exact word I’d use for this relationship. It really seems a tad forced to me and that is Novae’s whole point: these two, the story of these two. That means people would see the whole point of the plot to be quite tying at times, if they don’t like its development!

One character, much like in real life, seems to want the relationship more than the other. There was a scene where the same character hinted that he wanted to be something more whilst being very clever. It was a nice touch and I would love to see more of that throughout and see it grow rather than it just sort of plop there! It just seems like they moved way too quick for it to be fleshed out.

Still though, seeing these two trying to maneuver their way with flirts and hints really takes me back to being a teenager again, (which wouldn’t be that long to be honest)

The Indie Toaster, Review, Novae

Beauty and History All Rolled into One

At certain points in the comic are flashbacks detailing the characters’ lives and how they came to be. These panels contrast the dark gloom of 17th century Paris quite nicely and it’s nice knowing about the characters more since the tidbits you receive are so scarce.

The two characters eventually meet back to one of their houses and it’s like a museum, where one is astounded by the artifacts that lie within. I was right there with him in my level of awe, you could tell the amount of research that the writers put into this, it certainly is a labor of love. I mean, they even researched and put in an old tea kettle made to look like cloth or an incense holder that looked like a bird.

The Indie Toaster, Review, Novae

Oh, I also liked their little comments below every picture. They bring a little tad of insight on a particular thing on the panel or just goofiness, Novae doesn’t take it self too seriously and the authors definitely have fun with it!

As stated, each panel is quite nice, but I wonder if it will truly match up once the real conflict happens, such as a fight scene or a battle of the arcane or something along those lines.

Novae, A Bright Star

The Indie Toaster, Review, Novae

Novae has wonderful potential, from its character development to its various symbols used, I just wish that some things moved faster whilst other things move slower. Why not give it a try?