Pornografica is the title of Ignacio Nacho Casanova’s latest erotic comic book. The volume – published in May 2014 in Spanish, Italian, French, and German – was shown to us at the Salone Internazionale del Libro  in Torino, Italy. The Indie Toaster had a chance to chat with the author and have our very own copy signed!

Comics and Pornography

Nacho Casanova Signing Our Copy

Discussing the world of pornography means, at least in some countries, threading on the edge of a taboo. In countries where Catholicism and more conservative ideas still linger, sex is still a hot topic. Nacho Casanova confirmed it himself when, during our interview, he highlighted how his volume had sold a lot less in Italy than in other countries. The fact that most erotica touches on controversial themes with a somewhat hard approach renders the whole thing a lot harder to accept for many.

Comics are in a major way responsible for the stigma. The trend is slowly shifting, but the presence of hyper-sexualized and scantly dressed women in some stories has been long debated. Finding works in which male and female bodies are transfigured, often aiming for a grotesque and unreal representation, is extremely common. I still believe this to be an expression of human imagination, not always deserving to be criticized.

A Matter of Complicity

There are other paths to approach the topic though, and Pornografica is definitely one of them. Chatting with the author, he confessed us that the brief stories in it were originally meant to be private; the idea of an erotic tales collection has been suggested by publisher interested in the project.

Scene From Pornografica

Nacho Casanova’s revolution consists, to me, in romanticism. The first impression reading his work is to be peeking into a moment of warm complicity, as if the reader became part of the couple’s erotic games. The author guides his readers through the most intimate scenes, depicting them with barely hint lines. Bodies are never represented as whole but perfectly summoned in details as lips, hands, hips; more rarely, the explicit drawing of genitals.

The eye caresses curves, fragments, makes love with them maliciously but lightly. The objective to tease and – let’s say it!- to turn the reader on is fully accomplished, but in a more intellectual way, compared to the majority of publications in this field. The confusion resulting from the barely depicted details, sometimes hard to identify, clearly expresses the idea of an intercourse in which bodies, fleeting impressions and sounds melt. It is an extremely intimate, physical, but still filtered-by-love representation of a couple’s sexual life.

The Key of Success

Scene From Pornografica

When we asked him about his choice of narrating people’s intimacy, Casanova answered: “I only draw what I know. Small adventures, everyday sex. It would be hard for me to try taking a different path, to be honest” he goes on, explaining to us how, this choice  allows the reader to be more involved. His audience is an example of it: “While conceiving this volume, I thought I would have received more attention from heterosexual men, being one of them and thinking as one. Instead, unexpectedly, I get more attention from women and homosexual men”.

He then highlights how this might be connected to the choice of talking about everyday erotism. Of how undefined details often give plenty of space to imagination: “Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether you are seeing a male or female body. I never thought about that while drawing, but this choice allows everyone to identify with the characters!”

… Would You Suggest This?

Sure would I! Even if the comic has a really naughty language, it actually is cocooned by a love-filled view. It might be, in my opinion, the perfect gift for your partner, no matter the gender.

The book always leaves you with a blissful sensation and depicts a smile on your lips. An erotic porn that teases the mind but never hits a nerve, elevating Nacho Casanova to the rank of undisputed master.

Book’s Title: Pornografica  (in Spanish)

Publisher: Diabolo Editions

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