Murder, revenge, killer cows and a cat and dog playing chess, what more could you ask for?

Short and Not So Sweet

The issue is all death, blood and sorrow. In Murder, animals have had enough of being slaughtered. They have stood idly by as their kind has been killed repeatedly for both food and experiments, but no more. It’s time for revenge and this time, it’s entirely personal. With the help of a man calling himself ‘The Butcher’s Butcher’ they get it, well at least a furious bull does. And that’s pretty much the entire plot to that issue. It may be brief, however, to me it has a clear message. Which is, animals don’t want to die, they want to live, just like us.Murder

I found Murder to be pretty interesting. First of all, it felt like activism without being too obvious nor accusative about it.

The story flows well, leading into the next panel easily without stumbling. The protagonist works at, well I’m not entirely sure but they throw chickens into grinders. Though he doesn’t. We see him saving one that he takes a shine to – a little black chick. He lives on a farm with all sorts of animals and nearly all of them seem to be vegan, even the dog; something which I’m still struggling to get my head around. We really don’t find out much about The Butcher’s Butcher or anything else really.

Something that I really wanted to mention is the artwork. The colours used complemented each other and the world so well. The use of dull and grey colours greatly focuses your eye on what they want, be it murder or a specific animal.

Confliction and Confusion

The Butcher’s Butcher is an interesting character. He speaks of revenge and has a farm of animals; is presumably not a big meat eater, but he still works at presumably an abattoir. Knowingly killing animals and wanting to save confuses me. Along with helping a bull get his revenge on some corporate head without being able to speak to animals is weird. It brings up more questions than answers.

For all we know, he just wanted to have someone killed and used the bull to do so, but how? Was he controlling it or did the bull tell him a sad and convincing story to get his revenge? I don’t know.

MurderOne other thing which confused and bothered me was the text boxes. So, the animals spoke, and I couldn’t figure out whether anyone could actually understand them. Sometimes it seemed like they could, then others it was the opposite, especially with the main character. For example, when the aforementioned black chick was talking he would respond, maybe not correctly but it was close enough to make me curious.

I would have liked it if the writer gave some backstory to this character. If he gave us motives and clearly defined his beliefs, rather than making the character a walking confliction. It’s very likely this will happen in the later issues, but a quick snippet would have helped.

Final Thoughts

Murder was an enjoyable, yet slightly depressing read. Even with the confusing aspects, I did really like it. It was dark, deep and started with revenge of the most heinous kind; a thrilling start. They have introduced a lot of interesting elements that you can tell will be fleshed out later.

If you aren’t that comfortable with violence or swearing, this comic book may not be for you, as it has a lot of both; including some crude pop culture words that I won’t say here.

I may have liked the comic, but unfortunately, by the end, I wasn’t that enthralled. A likely reason could have been from the unanswered questions which I brought up earlier. Although it feels like an idea people haven’t done before, I believe it has a lot of gruesome potentials.

Hopefully, the next issue will reveal what The Butcher’s Butchers real intentions are; I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


After a successful Kickstarter campaign, issue #1 of Murder is set to be released October 20, 2018.