I’m not particularly sure how I feel about Fallen Ones. On one hand, it’s just a couple parts in and seems like the story still needs time to pick up. On the other, I don’t really find anything that interesting about it. so returning for more could be a bit of a chore!

It’s not that this indie comic is necessarily bad, but something about the pacing just doesn’t feel right to me. Making things worse, the plot – as well as being a bit unclear – has yet to really grip me in a way that’s meaningful.

Then again, maybe it just needs a little more time!

The Moon Brings Monsters… and Multiple Complaints.

Varga Balint Bank and Vadas Mate created this webcomic as a part of the Unseen Domains series. Essentially, according to the plot, the red moon has risen and brought out tons of monsters for society to deal with. Of course, this includes werewolves, Owl-men, and – supposedly – any other creature you can think of. Simple premise, but good stuff!

The story opens with a wolf-man waking up in the company of two strangers after having been injured. After learning the ill-will of their hospitality, the man is forced to kill and escape his capture fleeing into the streets; hunted on every side by locals.

Fallen Ones, review, the indie toaster

Meanwhile an assassin, Clemence, prepares to finish her last job for a secretive individual. However, along the way, she catches sight of the wolfman. nothing he’s been captured, Clemence decides to help him. This leads to them being caught and locked up, awaiting whatever fate they may have left.

Now, I have a thing for the spooky and/or scary; I should be right at home here!  But the pacing and characters are what I have a problem with! 

Fallen Ones seems to be uncertain of what to offer. Part one and two only served to introduce the main characters, as well as tease another possible protagonist. In my opinion, that doesn’t do a great job at keeping the reader entertained.

It just doesn’t feel like they ever bring anything interesting to the table. So far we have a hood wearing wolf-man and an assassin lady with a tragic past. That’s fine as a baseline, but the characters feel like that’s all they are: an empty cookie cutter.

From Page to Page with no Motivation…

There’s also some other things about of Fallen Ones that turns me off. Some pages, in particular, feel just a bit too jarring. There are a couple of characters that look similar enough to each other that, in some instances, I couldn’t even tell them apart. Coupled with some unclear transitions, you might find yourself misunderstanding what’s happening to who.

Fallen Ones, review, the indie toaster

This combined with pacing – that I feel would benefit from being a tad slower – makes for a somewhat confusing and honestly kind of boring read. Of course, we’re still very early on, and the next few parts could alleviate all of this; turn Fallen Ones into a genuinely gripping comic. Currently, I’m just not that into it.

Really, It just comes down to a lack of clear direction! I’m seeing things happening but it doesn’t feel meaningful. I don’t know the stakes, who these characters really are, or enough about the world to really feel it’s plight. Perhaps if Fallen Ones had lingered more on the note that part one ended on – the misunderstanding of those afflicted with beasthood – then I’d be more engaged.

But here we have characters that pop up and get into trouble, and that’s about it. Who are they? Why do I care about them? I don’t, because they’re just kinda there. The wolfman and the assassin!

If part five can slow down and give more time to the city, the world, and what makes the characters special, then some of the attention that Fallen Ones has lost will be regained in my eyes.

Maybe One Day and I’ll Return…

Fallen Ones, review, the indie toaster

No comic has to have a great or interesting start. There are certainly great pieces of media that have abysmal beginnings and pick up to be something fantastic in the end. But for me, if it doesn’t grip me early on then it can be hard to return; and I can’t say I’m very gripped.

If you want to check Fallen Ones out, then feel free to do so. It’s a free webcomic so you don’t have to worry about buyer remorse or anything like that. They also have a recently-funded indiegogo campaign to create a physical collection and release part 5.

But if your honestly not interested enough to even open the website, then don’t feel too bad.Oh… And don’t be surprised if it ends up being really good!