Faith Fallon is a graphic novel written and designed by Stephen Pennella; the volumes are published by Insane Comics. We were asked to read the first six issues and to review them, so here we are!

Firstly, I have to admit that this might be one of the hardest reviews I’ve done so far. The comic itself is really dark and has some characteristics that not everyone may fancy. For sure, it is not a comic that I’d let a kid read, as the front page suggests with its Adult Only label.

Creepy But Interesting Art Style

When I look at Faith Fallon’s  art style,  I feel someway split between admiration and repulsion. The choice of a 3D models art style is really interesting and unique; I keep wondering about the technique used by Stephen Pennella to create them. For sure originality has to be acknowledged and awarded!

Faith Fallon

Creepy or Really Cool?

I do believe that panels can be improved, though. When opening the comic for the first time, I’ve had to force myself to keep going despite the confusion I perceived. The disposition of drawings and dialogues, alongside with shadings and backgrounds, could be surely revised for a better readability.

An intent the author fully succeeded in, instead, is to give a creepy feel to his comic. Some drawings were disturbing enough to have me say “Maybe I need a break!”, and force me to go to do something different than reading. Personally, this is not what I look for in a comic, but I can say there’s been some serious research and attention to details. “Creepy with some shades of weird” is a label I would not hesitate giving to the Faith Fallon series. Everyone who fancies the genre and is looking for a different kind of style might find something interesting in here.

Faith Fallon’s Plot Is Not For Everyone

Faith Fallon is an aspiring movie star with a strong will and a close-to-maniacal desire for success and popularity. During the length of the comic, her only and main goal is to make it to the silver screen, not caring about the price of that. We discover from the very first pages that she is dead -or “something worse”, as specified. The novel tells us about her life, not sugarcoating any of its aspects.

Sex scenes, exploitation, pacts with the devil, sects, non-humans creatures… All of this and more is featured in this graphic novel! I must say that – even if I consider myself to be a pretty open-minded person – some of the scenes were too much for me. I tend to seek for a fun and enjoyable read in comics, and I surely was not ready for what I found in Faith Fallon.

Faith Fallon

Also, I keep pretty high standards when it comes to sex scenes in comics, because sometimes they tend to be sexist or abusive. These aspects are for sure included in the comic, and I do not know how to feel about them: if on one side I do not like them, I must say that they are mitigated by the deep introspection on each character.

Each one of them shows to have a dark side, and the reason why they fall into immoral and contentious actions kind of saves the novel. The author does not judge nor condemns, he just narrates about people that are plagued with sins, desires, greed and lusts. After all, are we that different from them?

Personal preferences aside, I have to admit that the plot is well built enough to intrigue the reader and raise questions about how it’ll end or continue. A lot is left untold, a lot still needs to be unveiled. There’s a lot I still want to discover about the comic!

So…Is Faith Fallon Worth It?

As I already explained, this is not an easy read nor your friendly neighborhood comic. Clearly, it’s not a graphic novel everyone would enjoy either. I’ll start with saying that Faith Fallon is not for kids nor for people who don’t fancy the previously described hot topics. Go buy Mickey Mouse, if so!

I am still torn about these booklets; even if the package is absolutely not my cup of tea, I recognize its originality and quality. Maybe it was too much for me, but I’m pretty sure that someone else would enjoy it. After all, this it is an independent comic.  It does not have to abide by standards nor be liked by everyone!

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