On July 26th, we were informed  that the comicbook Buried: The Last Days of Mankind had just come out. After a quick peek at some of the artwork and at a synopsis of the plot, we felt it was worth of our attention. So far, only issue #1 has been released, coming straight out of Brazil.  

buried the last days of mankind protagonist

How could you not fall for this guy?

Being this a relatively small book (only 31 pages), it would be impossible for me to tell you whether the series can leave a mark of its passage! All I can say now is that I personally enjoyed what I saw.

Before talking about the comic itself, though, I feel like I need to throw in a tiny disclaimer: I might have a crush on its main character. Long wavy hair, muscles, a cool motorbike, and badass looks are a weakness I can’t overcome. That said, I will try to be as objective as I can be with Raphael Duarte Feltosa’s comics, and forget how my ovaries squealed in happiness when I first opened the book!

So, shall we begin?

Very Scenic Art Style

While reading Buried: The Last Days of Mankind, I’ve had the impression to be in front of a really cinematographic style; full page drawings and perfectly caught moments will make your mind explode! Every and each point of view is chosen to impress. The panels are perfectly designed and a delight for the eyes.

I found nothing to complain about as far colors, shades and lights were concerned. Perfect in their essentiality, these details contribute to give movement and realism to the scene and are never overdone. In my opinion, Buried‘s artist Ron C. Williams and colorist Raphael Duarte did a great job!

What we have here may be one of the best art styles I encountered among the comics we reviewed so far. Just to be clear: my crush for the main character has nothing to do with the opinions I just expressed!

Badassery At Its Finest

This episode, first of a series of four, introduces the reader to the environments featured in Buried: The Last Days Of Mankind. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the only sentient inhabitants are mutants. Nukes falling from the sky caused their DNA to modify, but also made them unable to procreate. This, of course, means that they are going to be the last generation of their species on Earth.

Our protagonist fights alongside a group of mutants whose aim is to defend the last human beings from The Raiders. These bandits rose to power and are now stealing from, enslaving, and murdering everyone who crosses their path. Buried – that’s his name – reaches levels of badassery that I can’t even begin to describe.

buried: the last days of mankind radioactive arm

Hold on a second.. What’s going on?!

Looking like a long-haired version of Wolverine, our hero also shares several superpowers with his mainstream counterpart. Among his many abilities- for instance – he is able to heal any kind of wound by simply absorbing radiations.

What I found a bit odd, though, is that he can shoot nuclear rays from his body. I am not sure how I feel about this superpower yet. All of these strength points have to be handled with carefulness, as they might lead to a weak story-line. Each superhero should be just strong enough to be likable and relatable, but not so much as to appear overpowered. Perhaps, waiting for following further developments shall allow me to understand more about it.

So… Is It Worth it?

Buried: The Last Days Of Mankind  surely caught my attention. Its fast-paced narration and stunning drawings are something that really makes the reading enjoyable.

I am still not sure about its capabilities to be innovative, as plenty of superhero stories already take part in post-apocalyptic worlds. All we have to do now is wait for the sequels. Sincerely, I was left hungry for more!