If discovering new games is somewhat of an easy  feat, the same can’t be said for comics. We only learned about Brigantia a few days ago and immediately looked into it. A handful of websites later, we already knew enough to make a choice: this would be the protagonist of our next review.

The brainchild of Melissa Trender and Chris Mole, Brigantia deals with some of our favorite topics. Its entire plot is set across two amazing eras and the main character is a rather badass goddess who likes to punch people first and ask questions only afterwards. If you want to know more about this comicbook, all you need to do is keep reading!

Feels Like Dancing Through Time

When you’re aiming to depict locations that at some point actually existed, you need to spend a great deal of time ironing out the tiniest of detail. The guys behind Brigantia certainly managed to do so. What gallops on the pages – right in front of our eyes – is a vivid picture of both ancient Britain and modern London.

The setting  both seamlessly and unceremoniously changes only a few pages past the first one. Following a brief encounter with her arch-nemesis Veteris, Brigantia is led into a trap and shot across the time-space continuum. She will only wake up in London, more than 1500 years later, to find her land  in a completely different state. From that moment onward, reading this comicbook feels like it is dancing through time.

As the story progresses and the protagonist once again finds her bearings, the authors slowly let us in on some of the goddess’ secrets. Brigantia and Veteris once protected tribes going by their names. Putting their people’s happiness before their own, the supernatural characters ensured that these societies could survive and thrive.

This issue mainly sets the tone for what’s to follow. Aside for a few skirmishes, the entire book is dedicated to letting the reader know as much as possible. Entire pages reconstruct the events before the heroine’s arrival, informing us of her current mood and feelings. This is definitely a promising prologue to what looks like an enthralling story.

A Warrior Before Anything Else

The likeness of Brigantia is one of the graphical aspects that most left us pleasantly surprised. While she is a woman – one of the few in modern comics – she’s also both a deity and a warrior. Her physical appearance reflects that, highlighting her prowess and skills before her gender. The protagonist didn’t need an appealing body to conquer our hearts. Both Elisa and I were more than satisfied with their tendency to kick ass be out of bubblegum!

This isn’t the only peculiar characteristic that today’s comic can muster. A long array of spot-on design choices shows itself page after page. Every character has a specific style and uses a combination of solid writing and innovative aesthetics to carve lines in the reader’s mind. By the time the credits are rolling, it’s impossible not to remember all of their names and faces.

We were also more than pleased with how the team managed to keep everything interesting and entertaining. Scenes and fights all appear as extremely dynamic entities, drawing the spectator closer and closer to the page. There’s never a dull moment and the whole issue can be explored cover to cover in less than 15 minutes.

What’s a blessing is also a curse, though. As the narration progressed and the pages left to read grew thinner, we wondered when we’d get to see more. Brigantia is a crowdfunded project and the team only collected enough money to print issue number one. Early sales went well, but much of this endeavor’s future remains shrouded in mystery.

So? What If I Just Rushed To The End For The Usual Recap?

In case you missed parts of this review, we strongly suggest that you go back to it and read it in full. We parted ways with scores a long time ago, which is why the recap alone won’t help you. That said, here’s what we think of Brigantia so far.

We believe that this series of comics already has all it needs to succeed. We know for a fact that the first issue caught the attention of a small group of fans and hope that’s enough to keep the authors going. The book’s digital edition will only set you back a few bucks and definitely deserves a spot in your collection!

Unfortunately, keeping up with this project won’t be easy. The lack of dedicated social media channels might be the only negative mark on an otherwise spotless track record. A kickstarter page as well as a few personal contacts are available, but we would have loved to see a sturdier online presence. We’re still sure that the issue will be addressed in a couple of months. Nothing to worry about!