Black and Blue is another up and coming comic that we happened to stumble upon. Whether established or on the horizon, we always have a watchful for comics!

The minds and hands behind Black and Blue consist of Fahriza Kamaputra as the Colorist, Beth Varni alongside Nathan Seabolt as artists, and Ben Quinlan as the Writer. Each one has a list of accolades, while Ben, specifically has produced another web comic. With a formula like this, the pieces are surely starting to make something great!

Black Sky and Blue Water

The plot is taken straight out of something out of Sci-fi! A weakened alien race known as Cobalt, are ruined by starvation.  In the hopes to breathe life back to their people they searched far for food, with them, however, they also bring death. They found their food, us.

Desperate to repeal these alien invaders, scientist around the world worked on some advantage for humans to have. They found an alien poison and they really didn’t have to look very far in the form of salt water!

Pushed into a corner, humanity had no choice but to flood their own world filled with saltwater to use as a natural shield to protect themselves from inhuman monsters. Safe to say, humanity is a little bit salty!

There are two protagonists to this story. Lazuli as an alien Cobalt in the farming caste ordered to fetch food and Mattaya Black as a human defender of the seas.

Black and Blue or maybe Black or Blue?

Currently, the comic only has a small preview to peruse. They include the first 5 of both the Cobalt and Human chapters. There’s plenty of plot going on throughout these chapters, but very little explanation, which not necessarily is a bad thing.

It appears that the comic Is in some type of medias res since in one page you are in the moon and the other in the watery Earth, though it seems its in the background so perhaps they are at the same time.

A thing I noticed is the color black, it’s almost in every panel. Could be a representation of the comic, could be because one of the protagonist is named black or maybe the colorists just likes using black!

I like how the Cobalts pages look very drab and straightforward, the artists could’ve made those stars pop, but didn’t a small detail that hasn’t gone unnoticed. A small touch to signify that the monsters don’t value or have art in their society, or at least I hope so!

Meanwhile the Human chapters show dashes of detail, not to mention more feeling more emotion, definitely human. The contrasts are unmistakable and could work nicely together.

Hopeful predictions

The plot is interesting enough even though there aren’t exactly more conflicts inserted in besides the main one. I’m sure there’s dialogue here in these panels, but it seems it was removed for the preview.

Personally, I would like to see something original here and not some ‘I’m an alien, but you’re alien to me’ cliché. That’s just a personal jab, a good story is a good story regardless.

Out of the Blue (and Black)

Black and Blue will officially kick off their Kickstarter on March 1st of 2018. Be sure to consider supporting them to see more!