I’ve read a lot of horror comics over the past 3 to 4 years.  Considering I have a high tolerance to gore and horror films, I shouldn’t be frightened with this indie comic. Regardless, 1000 Nightmares is one the most intense graphic pieces I’ve ever read. It is so gory to the point I would not recommend this to anyone unless you can hold down cannibalism, squid genitalia, bloody body parts, etc.

In fact, for this review, I recommend you have a barf bag next to you. If you feel ready to begin, let’s discover more about it all together!

A Scary Collection of Works

1000 Nightmares , by Bil Richardson, Simon Bisley, Yevgeniy Frantsev and Renan Shody,  is an anthology that covers different topics and is curated by several creators. Each story has a different theme and plot, so that it can cater to a specific group of readers.

While not all of them focus on gore, all of the tales in these volumes focus on the underlying ideas that many humans consider sin. Fear not: I will not be reviewing every single story due to the vastness of every topic. Instead, I will focus on a general overview of the content in 1000 Nightmares.

Gory Nature To Set The Story

1000 nightmares Hard Times screenshot color

For starters, all of the characters in these books had their own gory nature that set them apart.  My favorite one throughout the entire anthology was the farmer boy in Hard Times. He was a young spirit who just wanted to support his family until winter came. Crops started to die, so he began to eat more meat to survive. I love how he started off as someone who lost so much and then continued to spiral out of control.

If it wasn’t for the boy, I would say my second favorite character was the main lead in STD. While he was a normal guy, he certainly chose to have sex with the wrong person. In fact, because of this character, I will make sure to never have sex with anyone. In both volumes, each tale is tied together with a similar theme. Regardless, I found the connection of themes to be really insightful.

When I wasn’t nearly vomiting, I found myself considering all of the implications of every story. I loved the pervasive criticism that is told in every story. Religion doesn’t always provide the right morals,  For example, and knowledge revolves around the balance of faith and logic. Heck, even trust must always be taken carefully. These themes aren’t the prettiest things to look at, but they remind us of how the world really is.

Individual Art Styles

Finally, I would love to address the art styles of every story. I will say, not every entry in 1000 Nightmares is built from a traditional “comic” style drawing.  Instead, every single comic has their own style.

1000 nightmares Hard Times screenshot

Once again, my personal favorite was STD by Bill Richardson and Andrew Schmidt. I’ve rarely seen comics that use shadows to create characters. But this one, in particular, got to me because of the contrasting effects the duo used. They took a rare form of art and turned it around. I applaud the team for their work.

Overall, the series is a bloody mess and I wouldn’t recommend it to readers with the strongest minds. But if you decide to add 1000 Nightmares to your collection, I guarantee you will find immersive characters, non-traditional forms of art and pervasive themes that make people think.

If you want more information about 1000 Nightmares or want to secure your own copy, click here to visit the project’s page on Comixology.

Dear 1000 Nightmares…

Finally, I have a message for the creators of this anthology: you really need to put a graphic warning on your work. In fact, you might want to completely rework the order of your anthology. Keep the entries separated, so that one group offers less brutal art and the other focuses on more graphic violence.

I recognize you put a warning label for all readers, I even recognize the freedom to create anything that you want. But there needs to be more labels and warnings for the content you put out to the world; for the safety of all your readers!