March 29, 2023

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Employee surprises boss with shocking attitude by donating kidney

Debbie Stevens is 47 years old and famous for donating one of her kidneys to her 67-year-old boss, Jackie Prussia. The case had huge international repercussions and divided many opinions on the Internet. However, the end of the story with everything positive, is not better than everything else.

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After undergoing the procedure, the employee discovered that her kidney was not a match for Jackie. However, the removal surgery was successful and helped save the life of a resident of the state of Missouri in the United States. The boss received a donation from an unknown person.

After donating a kidney, things didn’t go well

Even as she recovered from her kidney removal surgery, the employee received calls from her employer. However, rescue was needed, and Debbie’s boss didn’t take this information too lightly.

Facing refusals, Jackie decided to transfer the girl to another workplace. This was seen as a form of implicit redundancy by the employee who could not travel to the new environment.

Echoes and Controversies on the Internet

The case ended up on the internet and got a lot of buzz recently. After all, the woman who decided to help her mistress by donating a kidney will now be followed by her.

Many people commented on publications related to the topic, expressing their anger at what happened. Additionally, Debbie needs a full recovery to perform the job normally.

In the eyes of many Internet users, the boss who did not respect the woman’s recovery period lacked empathy and humanity. Surgery to remove a kidney is complex and requires reshaping of the human body. Little concern is given to the donors being able to maintain a decent living.

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