December 7, 2022

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Elon Musk wants Twitter workers back in these areas

Elon Musk wants Twitter workers back in these areas

  • Twitter workers are being asked to see if colleagues who have recently been laid off would like to return to work.
  • The company is trying to re-hire media engineering workers and those who can make Twitter Blue work.
  • However, existing workers must convince senior officials that interested persons should return.

Under the leadership of new CEO Elon Musk, leaders at Twitter have, within a week, gone from compiling lists of who they think should be laid off to compiling lists of laid-off workers they want to bring back.

Over the weekend, managers and directors at Twitter who survived The Mass layoffs Late last week, they were told they had an “opportunity” to ask people who lost their jobs “whether to come back” to work for the company, according to internal messages seen by Insider. from the insidealong with the Platformer newsletter, mentioned On Sunday, people were asked to go back to work.

Twitter is looking for employees in a few areas, according to current and former employees. All of the people Insider spoke to spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal company matters. Their identities are known to us.

Twitter is focused, in part, on rehiring employees in media engineering who can work on features such as video uploading, though workers have been told they can effectively “nominate” anyone they think should come back, two familiar people said, supporting Messages seen by Insider.

People said engineers working on Google’s Apple and Android integrations are also being asked. They are being asked to return to help relaunch Twitter Blue, Musk’s Twitter subscription offering that is set to allow people to pay to be “validated” on the platform.

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Media Engineering is a core organization in Twitter, and Musk has previously tweeted about his desire to upload longer videos to Twitter.

Twitter is also looking to reset the Real-time Media Infrastructure team, which handles the live video and Twitter spaces, and the team that handled knowledge graph integration tags, which flagged Twitter content internally, including content that should no longer appear . to advertise. Many advertisers have paused spending on Twitter as they wait and see how the platform Changes under hold.

Current and former employees said dozens of people who were laid off have been asked to return, and few have shown interest. One current employee, who saw his team cut in half, said that of five people who asked to return, “only one employee showed any interest.”

Even if laid-off employees agree to go back, Musk isn’t making it easy, according to additional messages seen by Insider. One message said, for someone to return to Twitter, the current employee must confirm that person is interested and “argue the reason for criticizing them and convince the new prospect.”

If approved, the previously laid off person’s access to their computers and work tools will be restored. Thousands of Twitter employees discovered they had been abandoned by Musk Thursday night when they lost access to their work tools.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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