March 28, 2023

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Donkey Kong will sear you in the final trailer for Super Mario Bros. Ultimate

Donkey Kong and Mario V Super Mario Bros movie
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If there’s one thing worse than a giant monkey with an addiction to five bananas a day and a penchant for kidnapping, it must also have access to fire.arms. Or at least firearms, as was proven earlier today, when Nintendo and Illumination released the final trailer for the upcoming movie. Super Mario Bros moviewhich features a full cast of Charlie Day as Luigi, a full cast of Mario KartAnd, yes, a little Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong running around, terrorizing the Mushroom Kingdom with one of the franchise’s iconic fire flowers.

Super Mario Bros Movie | Final trailer

The trailer was released as part of one of the regular Nintendo Direct shows, This Show Focus on the movie, which opens in theaters April 5 (we’ll get you parts from different voice actors, including Day, Rogen, and Keegan-Michael Key, and it’s-a-him, Chris Pratt, doing a schtick in pre-trailer bits.) The actual trailer looks like it again Surprisingly Cool, including more sequences that show effort to import the side-scrolling look of a file Mario The game is in the thriller, with Mario and Donkey Kong, each with power-ups., running in some of the worlds of the series. (Also, there’s the very scary Luma who’s locked up with Luigi, which proves both of them Super Mario Galaxy and PTSD seems to be the canon in this universe).

It all ends with a trip to Mario KartThe iconic Rainbow Road, suggesting directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelinek pull off all-around Mario canon in order to populate their film with music pieces and easter eggs. And again: we’re constantly surprised to see this thing actually looks so cool; We’re not completely sold on the humor, but as a visual spectacle, the movie is shaping up to be a pretty great thing.

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