December 4, 2022

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Divers find sunken submarine fueling ‘Hitler fled to Argentina’ theory

History says that World War II was on the brink of defeat. Adolf Hitler committed suicide🇧🇷 However, there is a theory that the Nazi leader did not kill himself, but “Escapes to Argentina in German Submarine”🇧🇷

In September, a research group called Eslabón Perdido (The Missing Link) discovery Given on the coast of Quequén (Argentina). More ammunition for the defenders of this theory🇧🇷 The remains of a ship about 80 meters long were discovered, which was a German submarine🇧🇷

Group leader Abel Basti believes so It could have been a Nazi submarine that would have taken Hitler to a new life in South AmericaIndeed, the fate of some important Nazi officials such as Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele left Europe.

Fabio Picciotti, who leads the Italian Naval League’s underwater research team, has examined photos of the 30-meter-deep wreck and believes there are signs that it might be. World War II Submarine🇧🇷

One such clue is the yellow plate, marked with two S-shaped letters in a familiar font.

Sunken submarine off Argentine coast: Nazi? Photo: Disclosure

Submarine wreck site
Submarine wreck site Photo: Disclosure

A fragment of a ship was found on Negochia beach near the wreck site
Photograph of a portion of the ship found on Negochia Beach near the wreck site: Disclosure

“Talking to other historians, we found that this type of script is very similar to the German script used during the war”Picciotti said.

There is no record of an Argentine ship being sunk in the same situation.

The trip lasted six days and involved 43 experts.

The website of ArgenPorts, the company that manages Argentina’s ports, said this week A federal court is reviewing the case🇧🇷 Members of the expedition will be questioned at the hearing. Officials have asked the German government for help in identifying the wreckage of the ship, which sank about 2.3 nautical miles (4.2 kilometers) offshore.

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Adolf Hitler in an official photo from 1937
Adolf Hitler in an official photograph from 1937 Photo: Agência O Globo / Agência O Globo

The presence of German submarines off the coast of South America was not uncommon. In July and August 1945, with the end of World War II, Two Nazi submarines, U-530 and U-977, surrendered In Mar del Plata (Argentina).