January 30, 2023

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Diplomats leave room during Russian President’s speech at UN; Watch Video | The world

More than 100 ambassadors staged a boycott and left the conference room on disarmament. UNIn Geneva, in SwitzerlandDuring the speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs RussiaSergei Lavrov, this Tuesday (1st).

Representatives from about 40 countries – including Western and allied countries Japan – Acted as Form of struggle against Russian invasion Ukraine.

Delegates from Brazil, China, Syria and Venezuela were present to hear Lavro’s speech via video conference.

According to the Russian president, members European union On the way to Vin’s headquarters they would have made some kind of “air siege” UN. Monday (28) Switzerland imposes sanctions on Lavrov.

‘Russophobic Frenzy’ says Russian President

In his speech on Tuesday, the Russian minister made the accusation European union Engage in a “Russophobic hysteria” By providing deadly weapons Ukraine During the “military campaign” launched by the led nation Vladimir Putin Last Thursday (24th).

“The Ukraine There is still Soviet technology and the means to obtain these weapons, and we can not fail to respond to this real danger, “said Sergei Lavrov.

He added that Western nations could not establish military installations in any of the former member states of the Soviet Union.

Among the diplomats who left the room during Lavrov’s speech were Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie and Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofot, accompanied by Ukrainian Ambassador Yevgenia Pilipenko behind a large blue and yellow flag. Ukraine.

Melanie Jolie said, “Minister Lavrov said he left the place because he gave his version, it was a lie, about what was going on. UkraineSo they wanted to show a firm and united position.

This Tuesday (1st) the UN. Jeppe Cofot tweets about an episode at the Disarmament Conference – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

“This is an impressive event in support of the Ukrainians who are fighting for their independence,” Filipenko told reporters at the scene.

According to him, public infrastructure in Kharkiv, the second largest city in his country, was largely destroyed. See below the moment the missile struck the official city building this Tuesday.

“Maternity hospitals are being attacked and residential buildings are being bombed,” he added.

Diplomat exposes conversation between Russian soldier and his mother just hours before he dies in battle

The Russia Refuses to attack civilian structures on Ukrainian soil.

The missile struck a government building in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv

The missile struck a government building in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv

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