March 29, 2023

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Did you notice? Understand why shipwrecks are red

Although not everyone knows that ship hulls are painted red, it happens a lot. However, they aren’t painted that color just by choice, or because the color favors the big metal monster. In fact, there are very practical reasons why this happens.

Once you find that, you realize they make perfect sense. For that reason, we came up with three reasons why ships are painted red. Interested to know too? So read on!

Image: Getty Images

1. Pure tradition

One of the first reasons why ships’ hulls were painted red goes back a long time. Thus, this practice became an old tradition on many ships.

We have an idea, painting in this color is so common that you cannot find a ship with other colors, although there is no law prohibiting such a color change.

2. Safety

Secondly, the main reason for choosing this color is that it protects the vessel. In the early days of shipping, there were no metal ships or boats, but wooden ones. This caused some animals to settle on the ship’s hull, especially in the sheds.

Barnacles, for the uninitiated, are crustaceans and usually settle on various animals and even rocks.

But as new sheds piled up on the ship, it lost power, prompting many sailors to clean the ship’s hull during long voyages.

However, thanks to some research and scientific advances, a new paint composed of biocides, a compound that inhibits the proliferation of organisms, has been developed. So they started painting the hull of the boat red.

3. Show depth

If we look carefully, we will see that the vessels have certain markings, which are numbered. Its function is to show how deep the ship can go.

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Also, thanks to this information, the weight the ship can bear can be determined. Therefore, by providing such information in the red painted part of the overlay, it is very easy to visualize.