March 29, 2023

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Demar Hamlin is in critical condition after cardiac arrest

Buffalo Bills players and staff are still processing what they witnessed Monday night when safety Demar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest and collapse midway through the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, according to a source inside the team.

The Bills didn’t land in Buffalo until 3:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday after spotting a teammate needing a heartbeat back on the field.

“Everyone is exhausted,” the source told CNN.

He comes on top of a series of difficult situations for the team, including having to deal with mass shootings 10 people were killed Three injured at Buffalo grocery store in May At least 39 people died in Erie County, New York, due to a Buffalo blizzard, after their November home game moved to Detroit and they got stuck in Chicago over the Christmas period, the source said. He said.

As for Hamlin, the Bills are in “wait-and-see mode,” including the team’s medical staff, the source said.

The source said the bills did not discuss any specific ways to help the family during this time as they hope to recover.

The team is still working out how it will handle the typical weekly media availability.

As of now, it is a daily selection. “We’ll see how appetizing anyone can talk,” the source added.

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