March 23, 2023

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Delay in delivery of new omnic vaccine by Pfizer and Bioentech

Fighting the production of Pfizer and Bioentech vaccine Of the Omigron variant The delay was several weeks due to a slower data collection process than expected, the German pharmaceutical manufacturer’s chief executive Ugur Zahin said on Thursday.

According to the administrator, once the vaccine is ready, the company will evaluate whether it is still needed. Bioentech had hoped to launch the vaccine by the end of March, but had already said in late January that it would depend on how much medical data controllers needed.

“If the wave ends, it does not mean it will not start again. I do not really see such a dramatic situation, “said Zahin in an interview with the German newspaper Bild. InfoMoney The company asked Pfizer in Brazil about the reasons for postponing vaccine production, but did not receive a response until this release.

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Sahin added that companies are ready to develop more vaccines as new variants emerge in the future.

As the epidemic has swept across many parts of the world since the end of 2021, concerns about an effective vaccine, especially against the Omigran variant, have arisen.

Pfizer and BioNTech launched human trials of the specific Omigran vaccine on 1,420 people late last month. The test looks at individuals who have not received one, two, three or more doses of the vaccine.

“Vaccines continue to provide strong protection against the severe conditions caused by the Omigran variant. However, data already indicate that vaccine-induced protection against mild and moderate infections and disease is declining more rapidly than with previous strains,” Sahin said in a statement in late January.

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Also, in December, Pfizer said more booster shots would be needed a year after the third dose.

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