March 28, 2023

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Debris piles up on Paris streets amid strikes against pension reform | the world

Garbage has piled up on the streets of Paris amid strikes against pension reform

Thousands of garbage bags are piled up on the streets of Paris, the capital of France 5,400 tonnes of waste Not charged due Street cleaners strike Who is protesting? Against pension reformAccording to the municipality.

The bill aims to have the support of French President Emmanuel Macron Raise the retirement age 62 to 64 years from 2030. Additionally, it expects 43 years (not 42 currently) of contribution till 2027 for vesting. Full board.

All three waste incineration plants are non-functional. In some neighborhoods, bags take up entire sidewalks. Check out the photos below:

Tonnes of rubbish are left on the streets as workers strike against pension reform

“The life expectancy of most workers in the waste and water management sector is 12 to 17 years shorter than that of other workers,” the union highlighted.

“It’s horrible, there are mice and rats”, announced Romain Gaia, a 36-year-old pastry chef. According to him, forcing street cleaners to work longer hours “It’s an illusion”.

The nationwide strikes that began last week are not limited to garbage services. They affect other sectors of the economy, such as the supply of fuel from French refineries and rail transport.

A protester holds a picture depicting French President Emmanuel Macron being stabbed with a stick during a march against the government’s pension reform plan on March 11, 2023 in Paris, France.

Social security reform

Although the French Senate approved the bill on Saturday, Macron still faces obstacles Members of Parliament before it became law, especially in the National Assembly, government supporters did not have an absolute majority.

What could spark even more anger among French people, who are largely opposed to pension reform, is a procedure known as 49:3, which allows the text to pass through parliament without a vote. The government hopes to avoid using this feature.

The next step, scheduled for Wednesday, will be a Joint Commission Seven members of parliament each from the lower and upper houses must reach agreement on a definitive version of the text.

The final and crucial moment will be the final vote in the Senate and National Assembly on Thursday.

“Some parliamentarians are still hesitant, we need to talk to them”Government spokesman Olivier Veran told LCI television that “all the conditions have been met so that we don’t lose votes”.

French Senate approves part of pension reform bill

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