January 30, 2023

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Death penalty for group leader in Japan

A court in Fukuoka, Japan has sentenced one of the bosses of the Yakuza criminal group to death. Nomura Sadoru, 74, was found guilty of four counts of causing one death.

According to local media, Nomura was convicted even without direct evidence, denying any involvement in the attacks.

“I asked for a fair decision. You will regret it for the rest of your life,” Nomura told the judge after the Japanese newspaper Nishiniban Shimpun was sentenced to death yesterday.

Nomura, who is the leader of the Kudo-Kai union operating in southwestern Japan, can still appeal the decision. The union’s “number two”,
Fumio Dano, 65, was sentenced to life in prison.

Judge Ben Atachi He described his actions as “very brutal” and believes the attacks were ordered by the defendant.

To get the sentence, the lawyers argued that it was a complete injunction Nomura He was responsible for lawsuits about the group.

The attacks took place within six years. According to the “Nikki Asia” newspaper, the charges include the death of a former chairman of a fishing cooperative in 1998, the shooting of a former Fukuoka police inspector in 2012 and the attack on a nurse in 2013. , And a dentist, in 2014.

This is believed to be the first execution for the head of the appointed criminal committee. “The police conducted a thorough investigation and exposed the involvement of key leaders,” said a lawyer involved in the investigation. “This will set a good precedent for future investigations by an organized criminal panel.”

The Yakuza is a group known as the “Japanese Mafia”, which is not considered illegal in the country, although their activities are linked to extortion, kidnapping, and money laundering, and they often run shell companies in smart offices.

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