December 7, 2022

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Dare to grow a ‘suicide plant’ at home?

Daniel Jones from Britain is one of the most dangerous plants in the world Dendronid moroids, Native to eastern Australia and Malaysia. The main care with her is to avoid touching. That way, he keeps them in a protective cage so that others don’t come into contact without thick gloves on their hands. The leaves have small hairs which, when touched, cause a very strong pain.

Interest: It is also known as the suicide plant because it has a sting that is so painful that it is said to kill a man by biting him.

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What are the goals and risks of keeping one of the most dangerous plants in the world at home?

When we think about the reasons, the first justification for growing this plant at home is scientific studies, however, Jones says this is not his goal. According to the botanist, cultivating the plant helps to have more passion in gardening activities. In an interview with the Metro UK newspaper, she said that although she loves plants, she sometimes feels bored.

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Jones said he bought the seed from an Australian company and it wasn’t cheap: the average price was AU$60.00. The danger with buying seeds is that they can spread throughout the garden. Contact with the plant does not lead to death, however, it can cause pain, hives and discomfort. Researcher Marina Hurley explains that with the slightest touch, symptoms appear within 20 to 30 minutes.

What is surprising is that plant hairs can stay on our body for up to six months and can cause pain if the area comes in contact with hot or cold water.

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Then, do you have the courage to grow this plant?