October 2, 2022

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Cryptocurrency creator joins Interpol Red List after leaking $40 billion

South Korean player Do Kwan has been added to the Interpol (International Police) Red List

Photo: Background/Facebook

The South Korean public ministry asked Interpol (the international police) for help in making the arrest Do Guan, one of the creators of Luna and TerraUSD cryptocurrencies. Kwon’s empire is under investigation for causing losses of nearly US$ 40 billion (more than R$ 200 billion) to many investors around the world.

The request by the country’s authorities was made on Monday, the 19th, and came after a South Korean court issued arrest warrants against Kwon and five people linked to digital currencies. The group has been accused of violating South Korea’s capital regulations.

Despite being considered a fugitive, Kwan took to social media to say he was “not on the run.” In the release, he also said he would like to collaborate with “any government agency”.

“We maintain the highest integrity and look forward to clarifying the truth in the coming months,” he wrote on social media.

However, the country’s prosecutor’s office says Guan fled to Singapore in late April, just as his company’s financial disaster began. Information in the newspaper. Financial Times.

Singapore authorities have also spoken out on the case and said Guan was not in the country’s borders, according to a report by a Hong Kong newspaper. South China Morning Post.

On Twitter, Kwan did not disclose his whereabouts.

“What I’m doing and where I’m at is: 1) We’re friends 2) We’re planning to meet up 3) We’re playing a GPS-based web3 game. Otherwise you don’t need to know my GPS coordinates,” he wrote.

South Korean authorities’ request to Interpol puts Kwon on a red list of alerts. According to the Interpol website, the move technically means “a request to law enforcement agencies around the world to locate and temporarily detain a person pending confession, surrender or legal action.”

Who is Do Guan?

Do Kwon was born in South Korea and is 31 years old. Guan studied computer science at the prestigious Stanford University in the US. In 2018, he founded Terra Labs, the developer of the Luna and TerraUSD cryptocurrencies.

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