April 1, 2023

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Couple fined for pointing guns at anti-racist protesters in the US | The world

Two civilians point guns at anti-racist protesters a year ago United States He pleaded guilty to justice on Thursday (17).

Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to “harassment” and was fined $ 2,000 (approximately R 10,000), while her husband Mark confessed to a “minor assault” and fined $ 750 (just over $ 3,700), Tom Missouri (Midwest) Chan A spokesman for the court in Francisco told Cross AFP.

Thus, the couple faced more severe punishments, avoiding going to trial, which may have prevented them from possessing firearms.

In June 2020, when the United States was the scene of massive protests against police violence and racism, the couple, in their 60s, caught the attention of the media after white lawyers pointed guns at peaceful protesters. Stay away from your luxurious home.

Couple shows guns at protesters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, June 28, 2020 – Photo: Larry Scriven / Abby

The video of the scene went viral (see above). They were both barefoot, he pointed a semi-automatic rifle and she pointed a gun. The then US President Donald Trump retaliated without comment.

The couple was the guest of honor at the Republican National Convention next summer. Mark first submitted his candidacy for the position of Federal Senator from Missouri.

“When the angry mob came to destroy my house and kill my family, I stood by them,” he said in the video announcing his campaign. “I will never give up!”.

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