March 27, 2023

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Coronavac is an excellent vaccine against goiter; Understand Data on Immune Agents – 07/28/2021

Although the WHO (World Health Organization) has evaluated the coronavirus vaccine Option with low results in international studies There is no reason to worry or doubt about the different vaccines, the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

The system has already recognized Coronavac and considers it adequate for applications, even adding to the global distribution network – without any indication that this status has been revoked. Also, the data differ from survey to survey. Therefore, they should not be used alone to disqualify the vaccine – because to control the infection, all vaccines must “work together” and the majority of the population should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

For example: Preliminary data from a research phase in Brazil suggest that if a person is infected with Covit-19, coronavac is 100% effective in preventing serious illness, 78% prevent mild cases and 50.38% lower risk. Sick. Immunization agents were also provided Good results Against one Delta variant Do Corona virus In the laboratory.

In real life the numbers are a little different. But, we emphasize, it is important to know that this data varies a lot according to surveys. For example, of the results shown by the WHO, 41% of coronavirus symptoms were effective against Govit-19, 71% against death, and 59% against hospitalization.

According to a survey conducted in Chile, the second dose was administered to 10.2 million people who took coronavir between February 2 and May 1 this year, and the immunization agent was effective in preventing 86% of deaths; 87% to prevent hospitalization; 66% to prevent asymptomatic Govit-19 cases.

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“Numbers vary, it’s normal. They vary from one vaccine to another. Column By journalist Lucia Helena.

Depending on the immune situation (last year, for example, there was not much flexibility, bars were closed, many were in the home office, etc.).

Let us return to the Coronavac research phase data to visualize this. In Brazil, as we said, its efficiency is 50.3%. But in a clinical trial conducted in Indonesia its rate was 65% and in Turkey it was 91%.

“Every job used a population, so they can’t be compared to each other,” the SBIm head explained.

Coronavac fulfills the main purpose of the vaccine

“Efficacy of the vaccine against Capture It is smaller than the corona and we never have to explain it because we already have this infection under control. With other vaccines against Koranovac and Govit-19, our goal is to get something like the flu. The disease is controlled by mass vaccination only, “explains Gustavo Cabral, an immunologist with USP (University of Sவ்o Paulo) / FAPESP (S ஆராய்ச்சிo Paulo State Research Support Foundation) and author. Live well.

Basically, the expert explains, the purpose of the vaccine is to control the infection. “Coronavak prevents many people from getting serious. Some of the visitors will have more efficient care because the hospitals will not be overcrowded. For this, everyone should get available immunizing agents and follow non-pharmacological measures. Avoid using mask and hand hygiene.”

Cabral points out that if there is no concerted effort on the part of the people to reduce the number of cases and the spread of the virus, something similar to what is happening in the United States could be repeated: Citizens who refuse to be vaccinated Put at risk all the efforts made by the rest of the people.

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