March 23, 2023

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COP26: Third draft released and President Alok Sharma says he expects final speech by the end of this Saturday | Policeman26

Third edition of the closing speech of the United Nations Climate Conference (He-she-it), A COP26, Was released in Glasgow early today, Saturday (13) Scotland. Member states have not yet reached a consensus, however, with program leader Alok Sharma It has been reported that the proceedings of the full session will resume at 2.30 pm (Local time, 11:30 a.m. in Brasilia).

Version like Presented this Friday (12), but some points are still open and under discussion. According to Marcio Astrini, executive secretary of the Climate Observatory, there are many “concerns” in this speech.

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“Starting with funds. The effect of value, the effect of money at the table, which is the moral effect of triggering negotiations. I think being at the table is too weak,” the expert said. The old promise that developing countries will pay $ 100 billion a year to fight climate change. Astrini estimates that although the annual payment until 2025 has already been forecast, it is worrying that the money has not actually come out of the paper.

As of 2025, there are differences of opinion as to whether values ​​will increase in the future.

See what the text says on this subject:

  • The document emphasizes the importance of “raising climate funds from all sources” to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, mainly to stop the 1.5ºC temperature rise;
  • Furthermore, he “deeply regrets” that developed countries have not reached the combined target of $ 100 billion a year by 2020 for measures to mitigate global warming;
  • It also emphasizes “transparency in the implementation of your promises” and calls for developed countries to reach $ 100 billion annually by 2025 – again, to achieve their promised goal.
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The concept of “loss and damage” (Loss and damage, In English) is also a point of discussion. Countries that are already feeling the effects of climate change, such as the United States, China, the European Union, Russia, India and Brazil, are seeking additional financial assistance to address the situation caused by the high emissions of greenhouse gases. .

“For vulnerable countries, with limited values, there is no clear definition of what rich countries should be responsible for. I think it’s really unacceptable. When we experience an epidemic of that, we have already seen the size of the hole of inequality. Said.

Some points expressed in the text:

  • The document recognizes that climate change is already causing and causing further loss and damage;
  • Reiterates the urgency to “increase action and support” in an appropriate manner, including “financial, technological exchange and capacity building” to reduce and avoid losses and harm in “particularly vulnerable” developing countries;
  • It calls on developed countries and organizations to “provide advanced and additional support for damage management measures.”

Earlier, a team of “loss and damage” researchers commented on their Twitter page: “I feel like there’s still a lot of work to be done today.”

Alok Sharma, chairman of the conference, said he would like to conclude the event this Saturday afternoon. Traditionally, nearly 200 member states have signed the document and then commented.