March 27, 2023

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Controversy over Govt’s origin heats up after images of bats in Wuhan’s lab | Fantastic

Could the Kovit-19 virus have escaped a Chinese laboratory before it spread across the planet? The debate surrounding this possibility is heating up. Images have now been released showing live bats showing what the interior of Wuhan’s laboratory, which is the most secure facility, would look like.

The lab, which opened grandly in 2017, is now the target of an international discussion on, after the release of a video, images of live bats, what will be the interior of the lab.

You The Chinese and their Western scientific partners have always denied that there was bat reproduction at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.. This fact may reinforce the possibility that the Govit-19 virus did not come from an animal in the wild, but rather from a Chinese laboratory.

Gilles, a French engineer living in New Zealand, is part of a virtual group called ‘Trostic’ – amateur cyber detectives investigating the origin of the Covit-19 virus. They are the ones who invented the video on the Chinese website. “It’s not easy to find a video like this because the title doesn’t always have keywords to make the search easier. You have to dig a lot until you stumble upon important things,” Gilles says.

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