January 30, 2023

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Controversial study analyzes the reactions of children to pornography – Prisma

A research has been published a Report The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) advises that there is no conclusive evidence that exposing pornography is harmful to children.

A European study conducted in 19 EU countries aimed at understanding how public policies can be used to protect children from harmful, abusive and violent content shows that many children who are exposed to pornography are “not sad or happy”. And, as a result, 39% of them felt “happy” after watching porn.


There is a lot of information that shows the harm caused by pornography. For example, a study by the British Film Evaluation Board shows that in the UK, audiovisual products are responsible for the age rating, which shows that pornography is not only easily accessible to children, but also bad for them. Also, the results show that there is a big tendency to feel bad about their bodies.

Other studies have shown that access to pornography can make young people and adults more addicted because pornography is more addictive because its effect on the brain is similar to that of cocaine and other drugs. In addition, there is a widespread spread of child trafficking, child trafficking and drug trafficking on pornographic content sites, not to mention targeting women.

Those responsible should intervene, yes

According to psychologists, some fathers and mothers are very permissive. Seeing this type of content in childhood may help a girl or a boy in their development, or there are those who go so far as to think that it is an “adult thing”.

The mistake that can easily get your child into trouble is to fail. Therefore, parents and guardians who want a healthy mental and physical life for their children should seek to prevent pornography.

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Protecting children and adolescents is essential. For this, experts make it clear that maintaining a relationship of conversation is the best way to prevent minors from falling prey to this evil.

Today, children can access what they want with one click. Only parents can help them avoid being polluted or harmed, or they will run the risk of harming all future relationships. Guardians must protect, above all, the lives of their children.