June 28, 2022

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Colombian judge convicts 4 of killing Paraguayan lawyer during honeymoon | Moto crozo do sul

A Colombian judge has sentenced four people to death for the murder of Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo Becky. Died May 10 during the honeymoon. Defendants were each sentenced to 47 years in prison, however, the sentences were reduced to 23 years and six months each. The jury took place this Friday (17) in Cartagena.

During the trial, Wendre Still Scott Carrillo, Eiverson Adrián Zabaleta Arrieta, Gabriel Carlos Luis Salinas Mendonza and Cristian Camilo Monsalve Londoño were charged with murder and possession of illegal weapons, all of whom pleaded guilty to murdering Pecci.

Wendrett Carrillo has been identified as the source of the shootings, as revealed by a Colombian magistrate; Everson carrying a sniper; And Marisol and Christian, who were staying at the resort for their honeymoon, undertook the task of inspecting and reporting on every move of Becky and his wife.

During the arbitration, Colombian police said a fifth person was innocent and a sixth suspect was in hiding.

Investigators believe someone on a private beach reported information about a lawyer killed during a honeymoon in Colombia.

Minutes before the murder, Marcelo Becky and his wife announced their pregnancy – Photo: Social Networks / Reproduction

On May 10, Pechi was killed while enjoying a honeymoon on Borough Beach in the Caribbean, Colombia. He was married on April 30 to pregnant journalist Claudia Aguilera.

The 45-year-old lawyer has been investigating cases of kidnapping and organized crime. The murder by the mercenaries who shot at the jet skis shook the Paraguayan community.

Paraguayan President Mario Apto Benitez confirmed the death on a social network: “The cowardly murder of lawyer Marcelo Becky in Colombia has plunged the entire Paraguayan nation into mourning. We strongly condemn this tragic incident and redouble our commitment to combat organized crime, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

Prosecutor for Paraguay Marcelo Becci, in Pedro Juan Caballero, starred in iconic cases on the border between Brazil and Paraguay., The town next to Ponta Bora (MS), 324 km from Combo Grande. Participated in the arrest of neighboring state attorney Ronaldinho Cacho and the investigation into the murder of the daughter of the governor of Ambe (PY).

The public prosecutor was active in the investigation of a number of crimes that had a major impact on the shooting and the border area. Massacre of four people, including Hailey Carolina Acevedo Eunice In October 2021, she was the daughter of Ronald Acevedo, Governor of the State of Ambe, Paraguay.

In addition to the massacre, The lawyer was jailed in 2020 for former player Ronaldinho Gaucho and his brother Roberto de Aziz.For entering Paraguay with distorted passports.

In addition to the cases of Ronaldinho Coucho and the daughter of the Governor of Ambe, Marcelo acted on the investigation. Execution of Brazilian journalist Leo Veras.

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