August 17, 2022

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Cobras Island: Understand why 0.15 km of land reclaimed by Ukraine after 4 months is important | Ukraine and Russia

Snake Island in the Black Sea was under Russian control throughout the war. The invaders captured the area on the first day of the operation. Russian troops left the island on Thursday (30).

Despite its small size (land area 0.15 km), the island, due to its location, is one of the most important points controlling the Black Sea coast. The island is located 32 kilometers off the coast of the Odessa region.

So, from the first moments of the war UkraineIlha Das Kobras quarreled on both sides.

On the first day of the invasion of Ukraine RussiaUkrainian patrols guarding the island of Cobras confronted a Russian ship trying to capture the area.

On that occasion, a conversation that allegedly took place between the enemy was republished in the Ukrainian media and became world famous. With this version, the Russians warned the Ukrainians that they would have to surrender, otherwise they would be bombed.

The answer is popular, the Ukrainians would have replied: “Russian ship, bo f * ck”.

Satellite image of Cobras Island in the Black Sea – Photo: Maxar Technologies / via Reuters

The soldier who allegedly said this was arrested, but in March, he was released on a prisoner exchange. Won the medal.

The story became famous and created a phrase of Ukrainian opposition to the Russian invasion and symbols of the island.

How did the Russians get out?

The Russians say they left the area as a sign of goodwill.

The Ukrainians claim to have recaptured the territory.

Valery Zalushny, commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, wrote on social media that the Russians were forced to withdraw with artillery, airstrikes and bombs.

He released a video of the missiles hitting the island and its environs.

Ukraine has been attacking the island for several days, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has said it was able to destroy the Russian anti-missile system (Russia denies this did not happen).

Russia tried to retaliate further by attacking the coast of the Odessa region, but as the Ukrainians did not reduce the intensity of the attack, the last Russians on the island left the base on Thursday morning.

The Russians have been fleeing the disputed island since the start of the war in Ukraine

Russia has been protecting the island since February, despite significant damage to Ukraine, sinking supply ships and destroying forts.

The island is within range of artillery fired from Ukrainian territory. Last week, Ukraine launched a new rocket system sent by the United States.

“Ukraine has received anti-ship missiles from Harpoon and Himars, endangering Russian forces on the island,” Lee wrote. Senior member of the US Foreign Policy Research Institute on Twitter.

Why is island success strategic?

Cobras Island is important because of its proximity to Odessa, the largest Ukrainian port on the Black Sea. Island dominance is important in controlling port entry and exit.

Last month, the British Ministry of Defense said that if Russia could secure its hold on Snake Island with Coast Guard and Air Defense ship missiles, it could dominate the northwestern Black Sea.

The loss of the island, according to the Russians, indicates that they lost a base in the Black Sea, from which it could pose a threat to the coast of Ukraine, even in the region bordering Romania.

Ukrainian soldiers shouted at the Russians before being killed on the island

Ukrainian soldiers shouted at the Russians before being killed on the island

Rob Lee, a senior colleague at the U.S. Foreign Policy Research Institute, said the most important aspect of the recapture of the Ukrainian island was being able to open the door to Odessa’s grain exports, which is important for Ukraine’s economy and global food supply. , On Twitter.

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