March 25, 2023

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CNN presenter Chris Cuomo fired after revealing involvement in the protection of a sexually harassed brother | The world

Andrew Cuomo He left the post in August After being charged with harassment by 11 women. At the time, he denied any violations.

Guomo, who hosted a prime time news program on CNN, was suspended on Tuesday. He admitted in May that he had violated certain rules of the news network. By advising his brother on how to handle the charges from a public relations standpoint.

“Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week, pending further evaluation of new information about his involvement in his brother’s protection,” CNN said in a statement.

“We hired a reputable law firm to review and we fired him, which will take effect immediately,” he added. The network did not provide details about the new information, Reuters noted.

In a Twitter statement, the 51-year-old Cuomo said he was disappointed. “I do not want my time on CNN to end, but I’m already told you why and how I helped my brother,” he said.

In journalism, it is considered unethical to use one’s position for personal reasons or to conduct investigations for personal reasons.

Cuomo was initially suspended after being shown by New York Attorney General Letidia James. Texts and other news that he sought to use his own resources in the media to obtain information about the case and the women involved.

Video: 3 points to understand what led to the resignation of Andrew Cuomo

Video: 3 points to understand what led to the resignation of Andrew Cuomo

Democrat Andrew Cuomo was nationally acclaimed for his advice on how to handle the explosion in New York when Govt-19 erupted last year, and would have appeared frequently on his brother’s show at the time.