April 1, 2023

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City caught fire after breaking Canada’s heat record

With all the buildings destroyed by wildfires during the week that recorded 49.6 C, Lytton’s main street reached a new record in Canada. Silivak Fire Department

Lytton disappeared. This small town, also described as a village in the interior of the Canadian province of British Columbia, burned 90% of its buildings and houses in a wildfire amid a brutal and deadly heat wave. Examples The small location made world news this week for recording temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius for three consecutive days in Canadian history.

“A War Zone”. A local official who toured British Columbia described Lytton’s condition and his condition affected by the fire and ashes.

Lytton was the main street and how it noticed the wildfire | Sillywalk Fire Department

The fire triggered an emergency evacuation of a small town about 250 kilometers northeast of Vancouver.

People were missing there, but about a thousand residents were able to escape to safety. Today, when they return to Lytton, they are rarely seen, and most have seen their homes burned to ashes.

The Lytton fire now covers about 90 square kilometers and is still active and out of control, endangering other parts of the region.

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Record almost 50ºC in the middle of a brutal heat wave

Lytton 46.6 in British Columbia. By recording C, the Canadian heat record was first broken on Sunday. The mark was 1.6 C above the previous record on July 5, 1937. Less than 24 hours later, the same Lytton broke the record again on Monday with 47.9 with C. But it didn’t stop there. The maximum on June 29 was 49.6. This record was broken for the third time with a temperature of C.

Canada’s new record high temperature, to give you an idea, is 47.2 higher than Las Vegas’ all-time record. Is greater than C. The North American city is located in the Nevada desert and experiences extreme heat in summer. According to the World Meteorological Organization, summer temperatures in Lytton are more common in the Middle East than in any other province in the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park. The OMM Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least three places.

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“This historical event cannot be described in words,” wrote Armel Castellon, a meteorologist with the Climate Change Climate Change in Canada. He said: We have not finished this yet. “Without the man-induced climate change, it would be almost impossible for the temperature in Lytton to reach 49.6 C once the tensions of such intensity occur naturally in the region once every tens of thousands of years,” he said. Weather Service, UK Weather Service.

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