January 30, 2023

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Ciro Gomez to Petro Biel: ‘Bolsanaro bribed this military summit, it is dangerously transformed into a militant party’ | Conversation with file

In the second half of 2021, the Conversation with file He will get the personalities involved in next year’s election. Initially, in the first show after the break of the Tokyo Olympics, Petro Peel Get the front candidate PD Syro Gomes, Who has already run for the presidency three times.

In the headlines, he reveals behind the scenes of the 2018 election, talks about his strategies for the new campaign and gives his opinion on the government Jair Bolzano. Ciro He says it is wrong for him to believe that certain government themes, such as the military and the economy, are “potentially rational for dialogue.”

Interviewed by Ciro Gomes this Monday, 8/9 ‘Conversa Combial’ – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

“Man, I bit my tongue,” he admits, “rational Paulo Gates It became unprecedented patriotism. “And I hurt the language badly because they are more moderate than the military Bolzano, Oh Bolzano He bribed this military high command to be transformed into a dangerous military political party.

“Instead of being moderated by them, The Bolzano A section of the upper echelons and prime ministers were bribed and corrupted. In his delusion, he is going to face democracy. ”

Conversation this Monday, 9/8, after Newspaper from Globo.

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