March 25, 2023

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Chinese millionaire sentenced to 18 years in secret trial


Chinese agribusiness millionaire Sun Jump He was sentenced to 18 years in prison “Interference with public administration” e “Call Gangs to Attack Government Institutions”. Court Copidian, Near Beijing, the president was found guilty “Illegal ore mining” e “Illegal occupation of agricultural land”.

Tao sued the government in those areas and had already entered the CCP’s crossroads to publicly criticize the authorities after the outbreak of swine flu that devastated much of the Chinese herd.

In addition to the businessman, 19 executives and family members of his company were convicted – they were sentenced to 15 months to 12 years in prison – including his wife and two children. Team Jump farming He also had to pay a $ 480,000 fine.

The trial began last Thursday, according to his lawyers. In a statement, they secretly denounced its performance as “violating public guidelines and does not guarantee the security rights of the accused”.

In April, the millionaire Jack Ma, Founder Alibaba, Convicted of monopoly and forced to pay $ 2.78 billion. The businessman who criticized the Chinese regulators has been missing for three months.

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