March 24, 2023

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Chinese man dresses up to win 153 million ringgit lottery prize without wife and son noticing – News

A man identified only as Li won about 220 million yuan (approximately R$153 million) in a lottery in the Guangxi Zhuang area. In South Chinaand wore to receive the award.

According to the Nanning Evening News, the Chinese bought 40 tickets for 80 yuan (about R$ 56 in direct conversion), all with the same seven numbers, and were drawn.

After the win was announced on October 21, Li says he did not sleep and went to Guangxi, the capital of Nanning region, to receive the award the next day.

“I slept in a hotel for two days. I didn’t leave the room because I didn’t want to lose my ticket.”

The man wore a cartoon outfit on the day he got his fortune. It is a kind of tradition in the country so that the winners can remain anonymous.

Despite her joy at winning the jackpot, she said the Chinese were trying to contain her joy and did not tell anyone the news, not even her son and close family members.

“I didn’t tell my wife or son. “I worry that they might feel superior to others or that they won’t work or strive in the future,” he said.

After donating 5 million yuan (about R$3.5 million) and paying the fee to return the gift, the new millionaire was left with a total of R$120 million. Asked what he would do with the money, Lee said he hadn’t made up his mind yet and would “take some time to plan” how to use the money.

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