May 21, 2022

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China’s Zhengzhou accepts new sanctions against Govt

Until May 10, classes will be online and public and private employees will have to work remotely

Zhengzhou city, in the center ChinaAnnounced this Tuesday (May 3, 2022) that it will adopt new measures to try to control an eruption. Govit-19. A report on the municipality’s official account on the social network WeChat said local government restrictions would run from May 4 to 10 and could be updated. Information from Reuters.

Accepting online classes and distance work for public and private employees is one of the activities.

China is struggling to control the spread of the disease. The country made the announcement on Saturday (April 30) in the capital Beijing Will again take drastic measures Mandatory test with negative result, among them to control the Govt from this Thursday (May 5) Corona virus For people to access public places.

Now, there is no talk of isolation as has been done in the city Shanghai. The city of 25 million people is the epicenter of the new wave of Govt-19 in China and has been isolated since March 14th.

China used the principle of throughout the epidemic Govt zero, Which controls explosions using fast locks and tight controls. The campaign is important for the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, Which seeks the 3rd installment. However, these actions have left residents, especially those in Shanghai, frustrated.

Authorities say there are 16,000 isolated areas in the city. In one of them, 4 million people were banned from leaving their homes. On Saturday, No daily case was recorded Disease outside isolated areas.

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