March 25, 2023

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China’s Xi Jinping, Democracy in the UN ‘is not a privilege reserved for a single country’ | The world

Chairman of China, Xi Jinping, Defended pluralism and criticized him during his speech on Tuesday (21) as “the monopoly of the defense of democracy”. 76th General Assembly of the United Nations (He-she-it), In New York.

“Democracy is not a privilege reserved for a single country, but a right for the people of all countries,” the Chinese president said in a broadcast.

G then spoke Joe Biden, Chairman United States, Introduce yourself to the UN. In a quiet and measured speech, the Chinese did not mention the historic rivalry against the Americans, but indirectly criticized the recent movements of the country and the West.

For example, in his speech, the president noted that external military interventions to promote democracy in other countries have “only caused damage” – without directly quoting the United States and US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Differences and problems between nations, which are difficult to avoid, must be resolved through dialogue and cooperation based on equality and mutual respect,” Shi said.

In addition, the Chinese president said in a clear note that “the world must reject the practice of creating small groups.” The latest military agreement was announced by the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom To provide nuclear-powered submarines to the Australian Government.

Xi defended international cooperation to end the global epidemic, and said China would produce 2 billion vaccines against the virus by the end of this year. He also said he would donate about $ 100 million to developing countries.

A preliminary inquiry led by the World Health Organization (WHO)WHO), Pointed out that the SARS-Cove-2 corona virus spreads “most often” from an animal to humans. However, the White House insists that more searches be made.

Security guards outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, February 2021 Photo, WHO Visit – Photo: Thomas Peter / Archive / Reuters

Xi has pledged to stop generating electricity from Chinese coal overseas and to comply with China’s move to reduce carbon emissions by 2060.

The Chinese president has already said that the Asian giant emissions will reach its peak by 2030, but after that date it will move towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

“We need to improve global governance, respond aggressively to climate change and create a community of man and nature,” Shi said.

China has pledged to increase support for other developing countries for green and low-carbon energy projects. Not long ago, Biden announced that he was doubling US aid so that developing countries could implement measures against global warming.

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