March 21, 2023

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China says it wants friendly relations with the Taliban; Russia says it is waiting for action to decide what the relationship will be like The world

A China He said on Monday (16) that he wanted to maintain “friendly relations” with the militant group Taliban, Seized power after the overthrow of the government in Afghanistan.

China and Afghanistan share a common border with neighboring countries and 76 kilometers.

Video: Check out the timeline for the Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan

“China respects the right of the people of Afghanistan to determine their future and future and wants to continue friendly and cooperative relations with Afghanistan,” Chinese embassy spokeswoman Hua Suning told reporters.

“The Taliban have repeatedly expressed the hope of developing good relations with China,” the spokesman said, adding that the Chinese embassy in Kabul “continues to operate”.

The video below shows people trying to flee through the airport in the capital Kabul after the Taliban captured Afghanistan.

Video: A gunshot is heard during a commotion at Kabul airport

Video: A gunshot is heard during a commotion at Kabul airport

China has criticized US action in Afghanistan

The Chinese government has said in recent weeks that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is “irresponsible” for fear of civil war in the neighboring country.

In September 2019, the Chinese government began negotiations with the Taliban. A representative of that movement was then obtained in China.

In 2016, Beijing added Afghanistan to its flagship infrastructure project “New Silk Roads”. But, due to the lack of security, Chinese investments in the country were around: $ 4.4 million by 2020, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Russia is still waiting to see what happens

“Our ambassador is in contact with Taliban leaders. Tomorrow he will meet with the Taliban coordinator,” Kapulov Echo told Mosky Radio. “Recognition or not depends on the actions of the new regime.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry says the Russians have already had first contact with the Taliban since the capture of Kabul for the protection of the country’s embassy in Afghanistan.

According to the ministry, the situation in Kabul is improving.

The Taliban says they want dialogue

Mohammad Naeem, one of the Taliban’s spokesmen, spoke to Al Jazeera about the issue. “We urge all countries and institutions to meet with us to resolve any issue. We have achieved what we wanted. This is freedom for our country and freedom for our people. We do not think that foreign powers will repeat the failed experience in Afghanistan once and again.”

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