May 21, 2022

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China has registered 5,000 Govt cases and detained nearly 30 million people The world

Nearly 30 million people were banned China On Tuesday (15), the country recorded the largest Govt-19 eruption in two years. The government has been forced to test people unseen since the outbreak began.

According to the National Institutes of Health (CNS), there have been 5,280 Govt-19 cases reported in the country in the last 24 hours, the highest number since the first wave of the epidemic in early 2020.

Although a great achievement China Since 2020, the number of 5,280 cases has been relatively low compared to other countries.

The average number of new cases in the last 7 days in Brazil: 45,087 –a per day China Record equivalent to 11% of that number.

The number is small, but compared to other countries China Adopted the “govt zero” strategy, and even the smallest eruption faces drastic measures.

At least 13 cities face total lockout and many have accepted partial closures.

With restrictions, the country was able to control epidemics after the first wave of the disease in Wuhan in late 2019, but it has recently faced several outbreaks linked to the Omigran variant.

Police officer in Mansouli, China on March 15, 2022 – Photo: AFP

This Tuesday is the sixth consecutive day that the balance of daily cases has exceeded a thousand.

The province of Jill in the northeast of the country was hit hardest with 3,000 more cases on Tuesday. The provincial capital of Chang, with a population of 9 million, is completely locked up.

State media have reported that Jill’s governor has promised to do everything he can to “reach the community’s zero Govt in a week.”

17 million people and the Shenzhen metropolitan area near Hong Kong are also controlled.

The move closed several factories in the city, including Taiwanese Foxconn, Apple’s main supplier.

On Tuesday, the Hong Kong stock market fell 6.20% and the Shanghai stock fell 4.95%.

Dozens of domestic flights have been canceled from Beijing and Shanghai airports.

“Recent Govt eruptions and new restrictions, especially the Shenzhen imprisonment, will weigh on consumption and cause short-term supply disruptions,” Tommy Woo of Oxford Economics said in a statement.

With this, it will be a challenge, he said China Achieve the official economic growth target of 5.5% for this year.

Chinese physician Zhang Wenhang noted the potential for easing the “govt zero” strategy in the face of the Omigran variant, but acknowledged that large-scale trials and blockages could not be facilitated in the short term.

Since the onset of the epidemic, The China Nearly 120,000 Govt cases and 4,636 deaths have been reported. The last death toll from the disease was officially recorded in early 2021.

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