January 30, 2023

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Chile’s public ministry opens investigation into the sale of a mining company by the family of Sebastien Pinera | The world

The Chilean prosecutor’s office began a criminal investigation into President Sebastian Pinera this Friday. In order to sell the mining company Dominga to his children’s company, A surgery called “Pandora Papers” appeared.

“National Attorney [Jorge Abbott], Today, October 8, decided to open a criminal investigation into the facts known as the ‘Bandora Papers’ and the facts related to the sale of Dominga, a mining company affiliated with President Pinara’s family. “He told reporters Marta Herrera, the anti-corruption leader of the prosecutor’s office.

Pinera, one of the rulers who appeared in the Pandora Papers investigation, denied on Monday to a close friend of his that there was a conflict over the sale of the miner in 2010 (during his first term).

But Herrera ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” [e] Potential tax offenses and issues will all end up being the subject of an investigation. ”

Due to the “gravity of the facts being investigated”, the case will be the responsibility of Claudia Periwenczyk, a regional lawyer from the Valparaராசso area.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera speaks Wednesday (6) – Photo: Javier Torres / AFP

Penalty for bribery Five years in prison, Said Herrera.

According to local newspapers CIPER and LaBot, which are part of the International Federation of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ) Pandora Papers, the mining company Dominga was sold to Carlos Alberto Delano, a friend of Pinara’s, for $ 152 million. A treaty was held in the British Virgin Islands.

The investigation says the money was paid in three installments and included a controversial clause that imposed the last condition on not setting up an environmental protection area in the mining company’s operating area. Environmental groups “.

The government of Pinera, according to the investigation, did not protect the area where the mine was to be built and, therefore, a third payment was made.

The Conservative president said on Monday he was unaware of the operation because he had stepped down from managing his assets for his first term (2010-2014).

“The management of these companies decided to sell the Minneapolis Dominguez in 2010, which I was not notified of. This was precisely to avoid any signs of a conflict of interest.Pinera said.

“The facts mentioned in this report are not new, they were made public by the media in 2017 and fully investigated by the Ministry of Public Administration and resolved by the courts,” he added.

However, Herrera clarified on Friday that the sale of the mining company was not included in the case, which closed in 2017.

“The facts regarding the mining company’s sales were not explicitly included in the 2017 resolution,” Herrera stressed.

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