March 27, 2023

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Chilean Senate denies allegations against Sebastian Pinera | The world

Senate Chile The president’s resignation was rejected on Tuesday (16) Sebastian Pinera. The referendum took place a week after it was approved by the House of Representatives Process opening Against the Trustee on suspicion of corruption.

In order to be removed from office by the Chilean Senate, he must be approved Two-thirds of the vote From home – At least 29 of the country’s 43 senators. Until the last update of this article, the process could not proceed as there were 14 votes against and one abstention.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera wears a mask as he declares a state of emergency in the south of the country on Tuesday (12) – Photo: Stephen Felix / AB Photo

This is the second attempt to oust the Chilean president who took office in March 2018, and after the social crisis of 2019, the 31-year-old could not recover from one of the most difficult periods in democracy.

Election on November 21st

Pinara’s ouster comes just days before Chile’s presidential and assembly elections are set for November 21.

A poll released last week found that 67% of Chileans accepted the charge against the Conservative president, who did not run in the election.

However, the Left parties have shown good results in the referendum, and may increase their participation in the Chilean Congress.

The Chilean president is involved in the sale of a mining company called Dominga in the tax haven Virgin Islands. The case has been revealed by the news Pandora Papers.

The deal struck in 2010, when Pinera was president during his first term.

The public prosecutor’s office began an investigation to find out if there were bribes and tax breaches in the transaction.

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