April 1, 2023

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Chile has had its 1st election in 16 years without Pinara or Bachelet; Meet the candidates | The world

The Chilean people are due to elect a new president, senators, delegates and regional councilors this Sunday (21). There are more than 4,400 candidates for the 485 elected positions.

This is the first time it has not been in 16 years Sebastian Pinera No. Michael Bachelet Candidates for the post of Chairman of Vin Chile.

Pinara is the current president, but he faces strong popular rejection Escaped a dismissal action.. Bachelet is now High Commissioner He-she-it For human rights.

Michael Bachelet greets Sebastian Pinara at the 2010 Presidential Award Ceremony – Photo: Evan Alvarado / Reuters

Below is a list of candidates who voted for each other in the Plaza Publica poll held on the 5th.

  • Jose Antonio Cast (Republican): 25%
  • Gabriel Borick (Social integration): 19%
  • Franco Paris (People’s Party): 10%
  • Yasna Provoste (Christian Democratic Party): 9%
  • Sebastian Chichel (Independent): 8%;
  • Marco Enriquez-Ominami (Progressive Party): 5%
  • Eduardo Artes (Patriotic Union): 2%

Voting in Chile is optional, with no more than 50% of the electorate voting in the last two major elections.

In 2017, when Sebastian Pinera was elected, he received 46% of the vote in the first round and 48% in the second round.

The term of the Senate is eight years, and this Sunday’s election will take place in only nine of the country’s sixteen regions.

Cast, favorite on the right

Jose Antonio Cast in the campaign, November 11, 2021 – Photo: Javier Torres / AFP

Jose Antonio Cost is a conservative lawyer and represents the far right. In her presidential plan, she proposed reducing the state’s presence in companies, reducing taxes, privatizing state-owned enterprises, and removing the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality.

In contrast to abortion, Cast has already published fake news on the matter.

He is the son of German immigrants who came to Chile in 1951 and his family owned a chain of sausage factories and restaurants.

Cast ran in the 2017 election and came in fourth with 7.93% of the vote. He was a member of the radical Conservative Free Democratic Union Party for 20 years, forming the Republican Party in 2019.

Borick: Left-wing candidate

During Gabriel Borick’s speech in Valparaiso on November 18, 2021 – Photo: Martin Bernetti / AFP

Gabriel Borick, 35, is the candidate of the Left Alliance that unites the Communist Party and Frende Amblio.

In his campaign, he advocated a state model similar to some European countries. He also proposes to create a minimum pension of 250,000 pesos (approximately R $ 1,700).

The organization will be funded by the contribution of active workers. Active workers currently pay 10%, and Borick says the idea is to gradually increase that contribution to 18% (and part of the fee will be paid by the employer).

Sebastian Chichel He is 44 years old and a candidate for the Pinara government. In economics, it protects the free market combined with a strong state.

According to him, the social security model will be the same as the current one, but will break the selfishness of current pension fund managers to increase competition. He says the model he wants is similar to the one in Australia.

Yasna Provoste The 51-year-old is a Christian Democratic candidate. He is currently a senator and has been a minister to former President Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet. One of his most popular campaign promises was a basic pay rise for teachers.

In his election campaign, he expects to create more public institutions. He also thinks it is necessary to have a change plan for the country after the Govt-19 crisis, which aims to neutralize part of the impact on the economy caused by the social protests that have erupted in the country since October 2019.

Franco Paris, The right-wing candidate, lives in the United States and did not set foot in Chile during the presidential campaign. He has child support credit, which has already surpassed 207 million chile pesos (approximately R $ 1.3 million).

According to political scientist Javier Sajuria, Cast and Borick should go to the second round, who will be the winner, at least if they are rejected.

“A vote against Cast is possible, but so is Boric and the Communist Party [que o apoia] They too will have to face rejection – in the second round, it will not be unpredictable if the right-wingers use the Communist Party’s support for the war. ”

Gabriel Boric (Convergence Social) and Jose Antonio Cast (Bardito Republican) 2nd round favorites in Chile – Photo: Martin Bernetti and Javier Torres / AFP Photo

After the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, there were moderate governments in Chile’s democracy for many years, which were supported by a broad coalition. But it has weakened, says the political scientist.

“On the one hand, there has been an erosion of a coalition that has been in power for 20 years because it is difficult to avoid bad policy practices for a long time,” says Zajuria.

“Also, there is a notion that in the years of the concert [nome da coalizão] There was a moderate policy that was considered capitalist or liberal and there was little question about that model. ”

The new president and the new constitution

Although the next president will not be directly involved in drafting the new constitution, a referendum on its approval will take place during the term of this year’s elector – and Sajuria says it could influence the next presidential vote.

Cost has already said he will do it if he does not like it.

“Once the constitution is approved, a series of reforms will have to be made for the text to actually function. This may take many years or faster, and will require a lot of agility and skill from the administration,” says the political scientist. .

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