March 21, 2023

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Chile, exemption comes into effect after a truck driver was killed in a clash with Venezuelan people | The world

A state of emergency has been declared in some parts of the north Chile This Monday (14), so the Armed Forces can cooperate with the police to monitor and monitor highways in high-density areas.

Last week, a 25-year-old truck driver was killed in a clash with Venezuelan immigrants in Antofagasta, 1,400 km north of Santiago.

Picture of the Truck Driver Siege in Chile on February 13, 2022 – Photo: Ignacio Munoz / AFP

Truck drivers lifted roadblocks on Saturday (12) after the government declared a state of emergency in the north of the country, the epicenter of the migration crisis.

Interior Minister Rodrigo Delcado announced the move after meeting with the Truckers Union.

Exceptions are in effect in the cities of Arica, Barinacotta and Tamarugal and El Loa. The minister said the government could seek the support of the armed forces to “co-operate better with the police” through the decree.

The emergency will “allow a significant strengthening of air and land resources, especially to monitor and monitor roads of great interest to the unions,” Delcado added.

The suspended protests on Saturday caused congestion on highways in the northern and central regions of the country, although there were also traffic jams on the roads around Santiago, which could lead to Pacific bathing resorts in the middle of the southern summer. Hemisphere.

In northern cities such as Arica and Iguacu, 1,600 km from the capital, the same scene was repeated. Of late, all departing and incoming flights have been grounded.

Crisis in Chile Altiplano

This area of ​​the Altiplano has been the center of an unprecedented migration crisis since 2020 ChileThousands of people secretly enter every day, most of them Venezuelans.

The number of registrations recorded in Colombia and Peru is already low, with Venezuela having six million citizens worldwide.

Prevention or over-protection

Following the death of a colleague in the Antofagasta (northern) area in a collision with three people, including a 16-year-old minor, truck drivers set up barricades and roadblocks asking for safety. As Venezuelans.

“We understand the situation they (truck drivers) are in. We work day in and day out to avoid more drugs, weapons and violence,” Delcado said, criticizing Sebastian Pinera as the only face of the government, not. Controlled the displacement situation.

Tensions over the new incident have sparked renewed protests over the past three weeks, especially in Iguazu and Arica, especially against Venezuelan immigrants and the country’s largest community, Venezuela, with groups expressing their racism.

Since the beginning of 2021, thousands of immigrant families can be seen wandering the cities and roads across the country, staying overnight in public places, begging or waiting for help from friends and family in other cities across the country. ChileIns to go somewhere else.

At least 20 migrants died in secret passages at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, and at low temperatures at night.

In this context, it announced on Saturday that the regulation of the new Migration Act will come into force, which, according to the government, provides “non-existent tools” to evict foreigners with contaminated documents or to escape the control of immigrants.

This law will expedite the issuance of visas.

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