March 24, 2023

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Chiefs Free Agency 2023: Orlando Brown Jr. joins rival Bengals

Former Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. finally has his long-term contract — and finally, he’s landed with what now appears to be Kansas City’s greatest rival: Cincinnati Bengals.

NFL Network Tom Bellisero Details provided:

Brown, 26, joined the Chiefs via trade from the Baltimore Ravens in late April 2021. Brown arrived with a burning desire to play left tackle — which worked at Kansas City, where he needed one following the departure of an injured Eric Fisher. Brown completed the final year of his contract with the Chiefs, and agreed to work with the Chiefs on a long-term deal in the following postseason.

Kansas City signed the Browns the following season, but negotiations were delayed because the offensive tackle did not have an agent. As soon as he did – in early June – talks began between the two sides. In the end, they could not come to an agreement. The Browns played the season on the franchise tag.

Kansas City’s final offer to the Browns before 2022 was a six-year contract worth $139 million, averaging $23.16 million annually or – as we describe John Dixon here – $19 million a season over five years. Obviously the Chiefs chose not to double down with another tag this offseason.

The annual turnover of $19 million is more than the Bengals have ever offered and accepted. But as NFL Network Describes Ian Rapoport, Cincinnati Hold More like a profitable three-year deal – After that, he is supposed to work out a new contract.

At this point — after the Chiefs have found the player who is likely to be their next left tackle on former Jacksonville Jaguars’ Jawaan Taylor offensive lineman — it’s fair to say that Brown and his squad (even with a $31 million signing bonus) may have miscalculated. Its value on the open market – and its demand.

There seems to be some sour grapes here – especially given this note from NFL Network Mike Garafolo He says that part of Brown’s attraction to Cincinnati was Kansas City’s playoffs:

Brown said Garafolo later tweeted. “It was important to be able to play that position and play for a winning team and a winning centre-back. Who Day!”

Like Kansas City strain beginthe competition with Bengal just grew more bitter.

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