May 21, 2022

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Chelsea 1-0 West Ham: Premier League – Live Reaction! | Premier League

English Premier League results elsewhere:
Brighton 2-2 Southampton
Burnley 1-0 Wolves.

Everton is third and now has to play for Liverpool. Oh, Frank. Oh no.

Full time: Chelsea 1-0 West Ham

This is a great result for Chelsea, stop rot despite very strange and disjointed performance. Everything swung Craig Dawson’s fault on Lukaku, who had an effect on his coming. Jorginho may have made a terrible mess of the penalty kick but Chelsea took advantage of Dawson’s red card. It now appears that the top four in their ranks are very safe although it is also fair to say that all is still not so good at the club. These times are still uncertain.

90 + 4 minutes: Alonso, who has had a good game amid a few bumps, removes the danger when it looks like Fornals could hit the end of a cross into the penalty area. This is pretty much the last one. Chelsea They are winners, one way or another.

90 + 3 minutes: The Chelsea The fans are getting up and singing now. They were quiet but then again their team gave them very little to work with.

90 + 2 minutes: A smile from Thomas Tuchel, a grimace from Declan Rice. It’s a funny old game. West Ham regressed to 10 and swayed as Mason Mount tried to keep a guard away. Although the penalty kick was wasted, Craig Dawson’s challenge changed the game.

Goal! Chelsea 1-0 West Ham (Policic, 90)

Declan Rice had run up to West Ham’s defence, but they look disorganized as Alonso cuts left and cuts back and Pulisic, Captain America himself, slips home.

Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic scored the first goal.
Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic scored the first goal. Photo: Justin Thales/AFP/Getty Images

88 minutes: Find some debate about whether Lukaku wants to take that. Jorginho did the usual jump and maybe Chelsea The pitch blocked him, but he passed it on to Fabiansky, who read it well. Credit to the goalkeeper, the embarrassment lies in the Italian.

Loss of a penalty kick from Jorginho, Chelsea player!

There was a dispute over the penalty kick. Lukaku wanted to take it. Instead, Jorginho took steps forward and passed the ball straight at Fabianski. Honestly, that was funny.

Chelsea's Jorginho responded after he saved a penalty kick by West Ham United's Lukasz Fabianski.
Chelsea’s Jorginho responded after he saved a penalty kick by West Ham United’s Lukasz Fabianski. Photo: Clive Rose/Getty Images

Dawson was expelled from West Ham!

86 min: Dawson’s challenge is seen by the VAR as being denied a goal-scoring opportunity, and this is an early pressure on Wash & Go for him.

West Ham United player Craig Dawson has been sent off.
West Ham United player Craig Dawson has been sent off. Photography: Simon Dale/Rex/Shutterstock

Penalty kick for Chelsea!

Romelu Lukaku spins Craig Dawson on a Thiago Silva flick and is pulled down. Good play by Lukaku, bad by Dawson!

Chelsea's Romelu Lukaku was fouled in the penalty area by West Ham's Craig Dawson.
Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku was fouled in the penalty area by West Ham’s Craig Dawson. Photo: James Williamson/AMA/Getty Images

82 minutes: Marcos Alonso was booked for an elbow strike on Fornals, then from a free kick Mason Mount was sent off by Craig Dawson, a waste of everyone’s time, frankly.

80 minutes: Ziyech cut from the right, his left wave to open the can of beans and the ball flies behind him. Tuchel, drinking water in the stands, simmers barely hidden.

79 minutes: Their rivers off, Lanzini is the latest change in West Ham, Bowen has the last shot, dashing away.

78 minutes: Mason Mount is fading again, it’s not quite as old as it is at the moment.

76 minutes: Triple Chelsea Sub: Werner, Havertz, Loftus-Cheek all, come Pulisic, Lukaku, Ziyech. Made for rum, this one is.

74 minutes: The ball falls into Werner’s hand, he makes a hole in the goal again, and his leg goes out but he can’t get enough of the ball, as the ball rolls to Fabianski. Tymo is typical.

73 minutes: West Ham teams: Bowen on Yarmolenko.

72 minutes: Chelsea with some constant pressure. Loftus-Cheek, who has done well at right back, crosses over her and Alonso heads towards her.

70 minutes: Yarmolenko passes, and gets two attempts at it, only to get the ball out. Then Chelsea Going down the other end, Mount’s shot was topped by Dawson, and fell to Werner. Target gaps and audiences are to be expected. The side nets were hit… Guys, it’s Timo.

68 minutes: No, not much happens here. This game is played not even at half pace, but over a quarter of the pace, with plenty of breaks in play. Thiago Silva steps up and digs – and why not – and the ball almost went for Timo Werner, who was offside, according to reports.

66 minutes: Cresswell takes a tooth more than a layup, and ends up getting a tip for doing so, but no reservation.

63 minutes: Premier League Update: Burnley 1-0 Wolves. This puts Everton at the bottom of the table. oh my.

62 minutes: One day Declan Rice comes with West Ham and Mark Noble goes. Does this feel like a danger? Yes honestly.

62 minutes: Premier League update: Brighton is now 2-2 Southampton, James Ward-Prowse has scored the two Saints goals.

60 minutes: Fabianski was called into action when Dawson kicked the ball off Kante’s shot. In the stands, West Ham coach Stuart Pierce can be seen. He’s 60 years old, to make you all feel old.

On Stuart Pierce’s 60th birthday, a reminder of his last game as a player in 2002.

99 career goals were counted, and a penalty was awarded in injury time at Maine Road. Dave Besant tells him to stay still. The scene is set to retire in style…

– Stu’s Football Memories (@stusfootyflash) April 24, 2022

58 minutes: On the other hand, West Ham comes alive. Yarmolenko attacks, the ball sits on his left foot, yet passes to Soucek who blocks his shot. This seemed a waste considering he could open a can of beans with his left foot, to use the old, meaningless phrase.

55 minutes: House fans begin to sing along as Timo Werner advances. He’s a cult hero in the bridge, although he was stopped by Craig Dawson, the veteran who looks like a solo defender at the moment.

53 minutes: Actual football, a good block of Craig Dawson, then another like Chelsea Spring in the form of life. The crowd even practice sports instead of exorcism, which they may have needed before, like silence. The pressure is stacked instantly.

51 minutes: Mason Mountain is below while Seb Coe is sitting in the stands. Bruce Buck also appears as Petr Cech and Marina Granovskaya. The attention is all off the field at the moment, not on him.

49 minutes: More brogue, more ’80s brogue revival, from Ian Sargent, who claims to not like brogue but knows a lot about the noble movement. On the subject of brog rock, Uther Pendragon is 6-1 to 315 in Bath. It will carry £2 of mine which is what I spend my whole life rocking.”

48 minutes: be Chelsea play better? Not yet, at all. There is not much movement there.

46 minutes: Anyway, with the show at Stamford Bridge. Let’s hope for the best. Thomas Tuchel talks a lot on the sidelines. Looks like he wants to warm up his sub.

Is Amen Corner Prog? “No. Although Weaver has joined Strobes as a replacement for Rick Wakeman.” That’s the judgment of Joe Pearson (Brugge nerd since 1971) in Indianapolis. My mom has a Strawbs album. I never achieved.

Bad news for Southampton, and former Chelsea player. It’s Brighton 2-0 Southampton.

It’s Burnley 0-0 Wolves. All eyes are on Everton led by Frank Lampard.

Jeremy Boyce in contact: “Neither team seems to really know what to do with this match: stick? Misrepresent? Don’t bankrupt either of them. Anyway, here’s Prog’s message to both fan groups during their dilemmas.”

Question: Is Corner Amen Really a Prog?

Ian Sargent: “Maybe some extra players and a 90125 formation?” Maybe Anderson, Broford, Walkman, and Howe?

First Half: Chelsea 0-0 West Ham

The half ends with Marcos Alonso taking the ball out of play for no particular reason, which is the symbol of the game as a whole. This was one of the strangest matches of the season. West Ham reserves hold their Mary Celeste which is in the middle of the Stamford Bridge penalty. Chelsea They were poor, offering so little to the game without much excitement that the plot lies off the field. Thomas Tuchel’s prolific remarks will be broadcast. The question is: will his players respond?

45 + 3 minutes: Premier League score update: Southampton are now two goals away from Brighton, after Salisu’s own goal.

43 minutes: There’s a game going on but it’s really not very good. It’s pretty weird, though, weird in itself (no prog, more magic).

41 minutes: John Beller (!) joins the brogue party: “So in a roundabout way I gather Moyes is worried his team is fragile?”

The game was a scenario for a clown’s tears, anyone who thinks Chelsea He could challenge the top two in this past-lived performance.

39 minutes: Graeme Jamieson continues: “Do you have a theory as to why Paige Tam continues to smear in the opposite direction? Is it his competitive guts, unfortunate coincidence, poor timing, or poor balance? I can’t imagine Ms. Soucek being so fascinated by the FA.”

Players who drop much more. I would like to add Kieran Trippier to the list. It appears permanently on the back.

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